Sauerkraum Moson Stir -fried meat minced meat

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Enhance the appetite, iron, beauty, weight loss, blood lipids to prevent osteoporosis, promote metabolism suitable people: the general population is edible, [abdominal distension, stomach discomfort] The crowd is easy to eat.

Taboo crowds: [Children, uremia] Patients should not eat, and those who have [allergies] should not eat more.

The ingredients required for the ingredients required by the minced meat of sauerkraut beans, the right amount of sauerkraut, the appropriate amount of the appropriate amount of red pepper, the appropriate amount of the appropriate amount of the salt, the appropriate amount of the amount of sauerbere beans fried meat minced, detailed explanation 1 will buy it will be bought Soak the sauerkraut back with water, wash it a few more times, dry it

2 peeled the edamame, peel the beans, put it in water and scrub it, and use it to use it. Steaming for about 20 minutes, I really do the water when I cook it, so it saves trouble. (I personally don’t like to use it to stir -fry, too much oil, the beans are not so easy to cooked, and the fried is not so nutritious anymore)

Cut small pieces, cut the circles of small red pepper, cut the lean meat into minced meat, marinate with salt and raw powder for 10 minutes, and put it aside.

4 boiling the fire to heat the pot. Be careful not to put the oil first, put the cut sauerkraut inside and fry, remove excess water until the surface of the sauerkraut looks at the surface of the sauerkraut. Go up to dry, install it for later use.

5 add vegetable oil to the pot, boil the oil on the heat, put the red pepper, and stir -fry the fragrance.

6 Then add minced meat and stir fry.

7 and then stir -fry in the sauerkraut

8 finally put the steamed edamame, Add a little salt, stir fry for about 1 minute together, turn off the heat.

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