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Spleen deficiency and edema of the athletes are not good for qi and blood insufficient blood.Especially for [physical weakness, low protein leather, weak spleen and stomach, malnutrition, anemia].

Taboo crowds: [scabies] are avoided.

The ingredients required for sauerkraut fish Black fish, a piece of sauerkraut, a bag of eggs, an appropriate amount of starch, the appropriate amount of salt, the appropriate amount of white pepper, the appropriate amount of green pepper and pepper, the appropriate amount of sauerkraut fish method steps 1 Fish starch, cooking wine, salt, egg white mix well and marinate for 10 minutes

2 Put oil and sauté ginger, garlic, stir -fry for a few minutes, add water

Put in the fish pieces, stew white pepper for 5 minutes, and go out of the pot

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