Sesame Egg Cake

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The material required for sesame egg fragrant cakes, low -gluten flour, 80 grams of fried white sesame 30 grams of butter 60 grams of eggs, about 50 grams of brown sugar, 20 grams of sugar, 25 grams of soda The step of the small spoon of sesame and egg fragrant cake is explained in detail 1 Prepare ingredients.

2 flour and soda mixed sieved.

3 Cut the butter into a small piece of water to dissolve into liquid (don’t be too hot).

4 Eggs are put into a clean bowl.

5 Eggs Add brown sugar and fine sand sugar.

6 Pull with an electric eggbeater.

7 Eggs will become more and more loose during the process of passing.

8 When the egg becomes a very delicate milk foam.

9 When lift the eggbeater, the dripped egg liquid will not disappear immediately, which means that the eggs are sent out A longer time).

10 dissolved butter pour into the hairy eggs.

11 Use a rubber scraper to quickly pose from the bottom of the egg liquid and stir it up (don’t stir the circle).

12 continuously rosses until the eggs and butter are completely mixed evenly.

13 to knock the sieved flour and soda.

14 continues to stir up from the bottom.

15 Mix the flour and eggs to be completely mixed, that is, it becomes a biscuit batter.

16 Put the batter into a decorative bag.

17 Cut a mouth on the front end of the decorative bag, squeeze out a circular batter on the baking sheet paved with oil paper.

18 squeezed the small circular small with uniform sizeMansion, leaving enough distance between each batter.

19 sprinkle the sesame seeds on the small batter, so that the surface of the small batter is covered with sesame seeds.

20 then tilted the baking sheet to pour the excess sesame seeds out.

21 Put the baking sheet into an oven with a preheated 175 degree, get on and down, the middle layer, bake for about 13 minutes, until the color of the small cake becomes light brownEssence

22 The baked cakes were baked and cool.

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