Shiitake chopped rapeseed

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Reduced blood lipid liver detoxification, anti -cancer, anti -cancer, and intestinal passage.[Constipation] Patients are easier to eat with [Elderly].

Taboo crowds: [Patients with eye diseases, postal paralysis, body odor and other chronic diseases] Patients with caution.

The material required for mushrooms to pick up rapeseed shiitake mushrooms (dried) six rapeseed oil 100 grams of oil appropriate amount of salt, white sugar, chopsticks, chopsticks, garlic, water starch, mushrooms, rapeseed, detailed explanation 1 After soaking the shiitake mushrooms, clean it and cut it into small pieces (water for soaked mushrooms), remove the old leaves and wash the leaves, separate the leaves, cut the minced garlic

2Boil the water in the pot and add some salt and oil. Put the leaves and cook it first. Use chopsticks to pour the leaves together and cook together

3 Cooking rapeseedDisk

Put a little oil in the pot, stir -fry the minced garlic, stir -fry the mushrooms, add sugar to fresh, then put the water soaked in shiitake mushrooms (after precipitationUse only above), add salt after boiling

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