Shredded meat

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The material required for the shredded pork on the pork ridge 300g onion 1 small piece of bean skin onion and ginger with an appropriate amount of green onion and ginger 1 spoon of spoonful of spoon salt 1 small spoon of sweet noodle sauce 1 spoon of tomato sauce appropriate amount of sugar appropriate amount of chicken essence a little chicken essence a little bit of chicken essence a little Detailed explanation of the method of shredded in the sauce meat 1 Pig’s lined spine was washed and cut into fine shreds, put in cooking wine, salt, starch, put it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes

] 2 onion ginger shredded into a little water and made into onion ginger water for backup

3 onion cut filaments

4 Pork Trip takes it out and drip a little edible oil and grab it evenly (prevent stir -fry). Put the oil in the pot. Out of Leave the base oil in the pot, turn on the medium and medium heat and add sweet noodle sauce and tomato sauce for a while, add green onion ginger water, cook the wine, sugar, chicken essence and season 6 At this time, boil the heat until the sauce is thick, pour the shredded pork and stir fry, let the shredded pork hang evenly on the sauce 7 flourished on the onion

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