Spete meat, garlic, fried beans

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Pork belly, green garlic fried bean dried materials, pentagles 200g of dried beans, 300g of red pepper and half oil, a moderate amount of salt, soy sauce, the right amount of chicken powder, pork belly, garlic fried dried beans, detailed explanation 1Clean the ingredients

2 Meat slices, the dried bean cut is about half centimeters as thick as the thickness.

3 dried beans are simmered and removed to remove the fishy smell.You can add a little salt in the water

4 Perprotation of cold water and removing for settlement

Put a little oil in a pot.The pork belly edited the fragrant oil, and if the oil is too much, pour out a little

Add the green garlic and stir -fry the dried beans

7 Then add red pepper and garlic seedlings to stir fry a few times and add salt, soy sauce, chicken powder stir -fry evenly,

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