Xinjiang fried meat

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The ingredients required for the material required for fried barbecue in Xinjiang are 300 grams of lamb from 300 grams-500 grams of onion.1 Fresh lamb legs Wash the slices, cut the onion cuts for later use

Put the cut lamb in the boiling water and leave the blood foam, blanch it to 6 to mature (you can mature (you can mature (Determine 6 mature, just watch the meat slices to tear the inside whether there is a bloodshot)

3 Drop the lamb to drain the water and split it

Pour the edible oil in the pot

After the oil is hot, add the onion strip, stir -fry the aroma

6 Add the drained mutton stir -fry

Add the pepper noodles to quickly stir fry

8 AddSalt quickly stir -fry Add to the cumin short stir fry, then the pan can be used to install the plate

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