Belly dance, practice a graceful and hot curve to practice belly dances to pay attention to matters need to be paid attention to

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The belly dance originated from Egypt to the Middle East of Turkey and Arabia. In Egypt, it was the ancient royal court dance. The part of the belly dance movement is mainly based on waist, cross, abdomen, gesture, eyes and other parts. The movements are soft and sexy. However, many friends do not know much about belly dance, and there are some questions. Here are some common problems for everyone. Let ’s take a look at the matters that you need to pay attention to practicing belly dance!
1 What is the principle of belly dance that can reduce the waist and abdomen?

When you repeat the muscle group of the waist and abdomen, this muscle group is undergoing a fat burning and adjustment of a body. Your muscles will be strong. When doing these exercises for 20 minutes, the minimum exercise time, because more than 20 minutes of exercise will start burning the fat in your body completely.

2. What aspects need to be paid attention to during belly dance exercises?
(1) Like exercise, 1-2 before and after exercise, 1-2 before and after exercise 1-2 1-2 Don’t eat too much in hours, you can eat a small amount of things, so as not to produce dizziness and other conditions. (2) Be naked when practicing belly dancing, and the waist and abdomen must be exposed. The benefits of doing so can see that your movement posture is incorrect. (3) Another important thing is to need a belt. The belt is the main feature of the belly dance, which symbolizes belly dance. The belt can also add a sense of belly dance to beginners, and it feels more sensible to practice.

3. Is the belly dance besides reducing the waist and belly?

Because the belly dance is the main movement of the waist and abdomen, the metabolism of the internal organs and organs of the body It is very helpful with the system cycle. For example, friends who have a child can help tighten the muscles of the waist and abdomen, and the strong muscle tissue minus the waist and abdomen.

4. How many times to do the exercise of the belly dance is better?

If it is a strong purpose of weight loss, I hope to have 4 days to do belly dance exercises every week.

5. Can people with poor physical coordination be practiced belly dance?

physical coordination and practice belly dance are actually not conflicting. Practicing dance itself is to enhance and enhance physical coordination of the body itself sex. As long as there is no psychological pressure, I am afraid that I will not jump well, ugly, etc., in fact, these actions will have a new feeling after two or three times.

6. Which people are not suitable for dancing belly dance?

Since belly dance is a dance movement, there are certain requirements for lung capacity. And those with heart disease, hypertension, asthma patients, epilepsy, and wounds after surgery are not suitable for practicing belly dance.

Belly dance is a full -body dance movement that allows your legs, abdomen, shoulders, and necks to be sufficient. Rotating and dazzling crotch swinging actions to achieve the role of fat loss and shaping.

Usually women are difficult to move to pelvis, pubic and abdominal cavity when doing equipment exercise or other aerobic fitness. Belly dance mainly exercise muscles in the torso of the waist, abdomen, buttocks, etc., especially the abdominal rectus, abdominal oblique muscles, and back muscles that reflect flexibility. When keeping a certain posture, the legs and shoulder muscles are also exercised a lot. The key parts of the belly dance weight loss are mainly on waist, hips, legs, backs, and arms. Almost every twisting action has a weight loss effect.

Belly dance can fully shape the flexibility of the waist and abdomen. Many of the actions of the belly dance are the lifts of the crotch, and the abdomen is circular or up and down. Frequent training can make the waist more flexible and the lines more beautiful.

The entire dance movement is effectively tightening the whole body line, which can reduce the fat of the arms, hips, and thighs.

When dancing belly dance, the dancers need to raise their feet with their feet and perform their movements in a slow forward. This also helps to practice a strong calf.

Belly dance is also a whole body movement that allows your legs, hips, shoulders, and necks to get full movement, thereby improving the elasticity and flexibility of the body. Belly dance exercises can be evenly distributed in the body’s fat, and the practitioners can practice a hot figure in dancing.

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