Benefits for walking

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Life lies in exercise, and walking can be said to be the healthiest exercise. There are many benefits of walking. Through walking, we can make our body healthier. Let’s take a look at the benefits of walking.

The benefits of walking

1. Relieve fatigue

People will breathe fresh air when walking, and can see beautiful scenery, which can stimulate the brain cortex To excitement, it can relieve fatigue in people’s work, and it also has the effect of refreshing the brain.

2. Good heart health

Researchers found that walking for 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and inhibit the development of risk factors that may cause heart disease. Reduce the risk of diabetes and stroke.

3. Prevention

When walking, you will move the joints of the whole body, so that the muscles of the body can be exercised, so that people can better metabolize and the blood becomes smoother. Frequent walking can reduce the incidence of some diseases and prevent diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

4. Reduce the risk of breast cancer

According to a publication from the American Medical Association, even if you take a few hours a week, you can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer. This view is that this is because walking can reduce the level of fat in the body, and fat is one of the sources of estrogen. The study surveyed a menopause between 74,000 menopause between 50-79 years old. For normal women, walking can reduce the risk of the disease to a certain extent.

5. Help to fall asleep

Experts believe that walking can increase the level of fast-sensing hormone 5-hydroxyline, which can relax you. Alternatively, due to a walk and a higher body temperature, your brain will get a signal of lowering body temperature, and the decrease in body temperature will also promote sleep.

6. Promote digestion

Proper contraction of abdominal muscles when walking, thereby playing a certain massage of the stomach and intestines. People walk more after dinner. Can make the stomach better peristalsis and let people better absorb daily eating.

The above is the benefits of the benefits of walking for everyone. I hope the content shared today can help everyone and wish you a happy life and good health.

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