Can belly dance lose weight, the best dance that minus the abdominal fat

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First, the main point of losing weight of belly dance can become a new hotspot of fitness because its movements and dance steps are naturally casual, which will not cause any harm to the body, and it is completely related to the limitation of age and body shape. What’s more important is that the dance is mainly aimed at the fat on the abdomen and waist, which effectively tighten the whole body lines, allowing you to easily reduce the fat of your arms, hips and thighs. In order to make the effect more obvious, some professional teachers of belly dance training institutions let students dance indoors in high temperature rooms from 32 ° C to 38 ° C, further stimulating the lymphatic system to detoxify, and promote blood circulation and fat. Belly dance can not only lose weight, but also body. Many belly dance movements have a crotch raising and a circle or up and down movement in the abdomen, so frequent training can make your waist more flexible and beautiful. And when dancing belly dance, dancers need to raise their feet with their feet and perform their movements in a slow forward, which helps to practice a strong pair of legs. The upper body’s chest is accompanied by the abdomen, which can also have obvious effects on older breasts. While mastering the basic dance steps, after the coach’s guidance and their own practice, the abdomen and waist are flexible and powerful, and a basic belly dance can be completed.

2. The best dance belly dance with abdominal fat is a fierce and restrained dynamic dance, so the amount of exercise is not very large. However, as long as you jump for 10 minutes, your breath will become rapid, and you will sweat unknowingly; if you wound for 30 minutes, you will keep wiping the sweat flowing on your face. It is speculated that the belly dance consumes about 400 kcal of calories per hour, which is equivalent to the consumption of one hour of tennis. It is conceivable that the calorie consumption of belly dance is no less than those fierce sports. Belly dance is different from ordinary equipment motion or running. The dance posture includes technical movements such as rotation or waves, especially the exercise effect of the abdomen is very significant. Whether it is the waist, chest, or hip movement, almost every movement must be used by the waist power. Therefore, belly dance is indeed the best dance that gradually removes the waist fat. Take one of the basic movements of the belly dance as an example, the abdomen shake of the movement is quite fierce. You can imagine that dozens of mobile phones are in a state of vibration at the same time, what kind of feeling will it be. Under this strong vibration, whether it is fat, or the fat on the waist or hip, it will disappear without a trace. The original protruding abdomen becomes flat and elastic, and the abdominal muscles will become more and more strong.

3. The biggest advantage of an exciting dance -shaping method is happiness! Because of happiness, it is difficult for you to detect how long it has jumped, happy It will let you continue to dance your body. The key to losing weight is to endure endurance. You have to resist the temptation of food, and you have to continue to exercise repeatedly. Because of this, many people’s weight loss time cannot be more than a month. When the weight loss is started, peopleWe often formulate a weight loss plan for 2 to 3 months, but many people will give up midway. Belly dance -shaping method is different from general weight loss methods. It also adds two elements of “interest” and “happiness”. Following the mysterious music rhythm and twist your body, your body and mind will become relaxed and free immediately. The small iron sheet on the body twisting the hip scarf makes a crisp sound. In a cheerful atmosphere, the sense of compression of weight loss naturally transforms into infinite happiness. The mastery of each action will increase your sense of accomplishment and the fun of belly dance. From then on, weight loss is no longer boring, and you don’t need to care about the change of weight measurement pointers. This is the new method of weight loss -belly dancing body.

Fourth, the sexy dance of shaping the female body curve is well known that the soft curve of these parts is the primary condition of the sexy goddess. In the process of jumping belly dance, the muscles around the chest, abdomen, hips, and waist will be twisted with rhythm, which is very conducive to weight loss and muscle exercise. Belly dance is aerobic exercise. During the exercise, a large amount of oxygen can be transported to the body while retracting the muscles of the whole body. Moreover, in some movements of the belly dance, a certain part of the body will be concentrated, so it also has the effect of strengthening the muscles. Beginners of the belly dance generally start practicing from local actions such as around the hips, hip raising, and chest winding. Mastering each decomposition movement first, it often plays the effect of exercising a specific part of the body. For the basic actions such as rolling abdomen and abdomen, they are very effective for abdominal weight loss. In addition, in order to shape the soft waist curve, we can focus on practicing the movement of the chest around. If we want to reduce the excess fat on the arm, we can do the action of the arms snake. Therefore, if the belly dances is used, it can not only reduce the body fat, but also shape the more feminine and more attractive body curve.

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