Can yoga be breast breasts?

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Article Catalog I. Can Yoga breast enhancement 2. Beginning Yoga Precautions 3. Who is not suitable for practicing yoga yoga, can you breast enhancement 1. Can yoga breast enhancement

Yoga can breast enhancement. In addition to the whole body exercise, yoga can also help everyone perform local weight loss. Yoga weight loss can not only lose weight, but also help everyone breast enhancement. Yoga can also make people’s chest surge.

2. What are the yoga breast enhancement movements

2.1, outer painting circle

When doing this action, the action amplitude of the circle should be greater, the larger the action, the exercise The more the range is, it can help the chest, and it can also help thin arm. The handle bent into 90 degrees, the elbow was balancing with the chest, and the palm of the hand was outward. Draw the circle with your elbows and repeat 10 times.

2.2, the movement of the elbow chest can help improve the chest, making the chest line stronger. Note that when you pull your hand, you should try to touch the shoulder position as much as possible, so that the effect will be better. Bend your right elbow, place behind your ears, and bend your left hand on your shoulders. Inhale, try to increase your right elbow to the highest and maintain the movement for 10 seconds. The left elbow bent behind the ears, and the right hand bent on the shoulders. Inhale, the left elbow is also improved as much as possible, and each side repeats 10 times.

2.3, bend your chest with your chest

Pay attention to the waist straight, the chest should be upright, and the feet should open the same width as the shoulders. It is advisable to stop each time you stretch, so the effect will be more significant. Raise your hands, flex your hands, put your palms behind your head, inhale first, and your elbows and ears are balanced. Exhale, move your upper body to the left, move to the limit as much as possible, and then return to the original position slowly. Take a breath, breathe slowly, move your upper body to the right, and repeat 5 times on each side.

3. What are the effects of yoga

Yoga can accelerate metabolism, remove waste in the body, body repair, conditioning beauty from the inside and outside,; yoga can bring you elegance and light body,提高人的內外在的氣質;瑜伽能增強身體力量和肌體彈性,身體四肢均衡發展,使你變得越來越開朗、活力、身心愉悅; 瑜伽能預防和治療各種身心相關的疾病,背痛、 Shoulder pain, cervical pain, headache, joint pain, insomnia, digestive disorders, dysmenorrhea, hair loss, etc. all have significant effects; yoga can regulate the physical and psychological system, improve the blood environment, promote endocrine balance, and fill the energy.

Precautions for yoga for beginners 1. Yoga is easy to maintain an empty stomach practice; 3 to 4 hours after meals, it is better to practice about half an hour after drinking fluids.

2. If there is physical strength in the process of yoga exercises, or your body shakes, please collect merit and restore it immediately, don’t persist too much.

3. When conducting yoga exercises, if you feelWhen the body’s joints make a slight “click” sound, don’t worry, this shows that your body is starting to loosen. However, the same joint always repeatedly occurs in this situation and is accompanied by pain, please tell the coach in time.

4. If the pain occurs in a certain part of the body when doing a certain posture, stop immediately, and you must give the same posture after the coach guidance. If the pain continues, please do not do this in a short time.

5. When doing yoga exercises, please focus on the action to make your body feel. And stay at each posture for not less than 4 seconds.

6. People who are very old, or have damaged the back of the neck, shoulders, must first obtain the opinion of a doctor or coach before deciding whether to start the practice of the yoga posture.

Who is not suitable for practicing yoga 1. Patients with neck and lumbar spondylosis

If you practice certain actions of yoga, such as plow type, it is easy to cause disc herniation or the original condition. For severe.

2. Patients with cardiovascular disease or obesity

If the movement is severe, such as an inverted action, it is likely that the burden on the heart will increase and cause discomfort.

3. After entering the middle age, the crowd

ligament, joint degeneration, muscles are stiff, forcibly practicing yoga movements with no strong muscle protection and support, forcibly practicing and difficult to practice The cervical and spine, which was originally fragile, is undoubtedly a huge “challenge”, which can easily lead to muscle strain and vertebral misplaced. Unless you have been practicing yoga since childhood, your body is flexible.

4. Patients with osteoporosis

Special osteoporosis women. Due to the decrease in bone hardness and increased brittleness, when practicing yoga, a little bit of attention may cause compressed fractures, or vertebral rupture.

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