Can yoga treat cervical spondylosis?

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Article Catalog 1. Can Yoga treat cervical spondylosis 2. What are the asanas of yoga treatment of cervical spondylosis? How to practice yoga yoga can cervical spondylosis 1. Can yoga treat cervical spondylosis [123? ]
Yoga can treat cervical spondylosis. Yoga is a campaign introduced abroad. Due to its role in shaping and other aspects, it is loved by the Chinese people. From the perspective of sports medicine, yoga has certain benefits for the cervical spine, especially some movements such as extended exercise, shake swaying, soothing and tired spine and neck, stretching waist and shoulders, which can not only alleviate the neck and waist Fatigue can also enhance the muscles of the corresponding parts and provide protection for cervical spine.

Although yoga has certain benefits to prevent cervical spondylosis, some patients with cervical spondylosis can also achieve the purpose of treatment by yoga. But it should be noted that yoga is not suitable for all patients with cervical spondylosis. In particular, some movements in yoga are not only good for the cervical spine, but also may cause patients with cervical spondylosis to increase their condition and even paralyzed! Relevant reports on the Internet indicate that patients with cervical spondylosis are due to a movement during the yoga movement. Acute spinal cord injury leads to high paraplegia!

2. The benefits of yoga

2.1, regulate physiology, body nourishment

Yoga emphasizes that the body is a whole, consisting of several parts, consisting of several parts As long as each part is kept healthy, the body can be improved. By practicing yoga, human physiological functions can be improved, and daily fatigue can also slow down. In addition, yoga also has the effects of improving bad attitude, enhancing self -confidence, and preventing various diseases.

2.2, soothing emotions, decompression and nourishing heart

By adjusting breathing, meditation, and meditation, people can make people relax. As a result, tense emotions can also be relieved. If you want to calm your heart and recommend a good mentality, you may wish to practice yoga.

2.3, conditioning beauty, retaining youth

Yoga massage the internal organs by pushing and pull, thereby strengthening the function of the organs, and regulating the human endocrine, which makes the metabolism speed up, there is any Help delay aging and keep youth. In addition, the measuring part of the yoga part can improve facial muscles, reduce facial wrinkles, and achieve the effect of “pulling”.

3. The classification of yoga

3.1, flow yoga

flow yoga is a very popular yoga, which is passed from the West, which is Harch yoga and Asanga, Mixed.

The connection between the pattern yoga gives people a sense of one goal, so it is called “flow yoga”. It has a combination of cloud -like process action combinations to strengthen the body, emphasizing the harmoniousness of exercise and breathing, and comprehensive exercise such as stretching, strength, flexibility, endurance, and concentration.

Every movement of flow yogaStay for a longer period of time, so as to feel the beauty of each inch of air and the body of the body.

Suitable for healthy young people, those who want to lose weight and detox, Harch yoga cultivation for more than half a year. It is not recommended to practice weak and sick people. For those who have mild autism, people who are not concentrated also have good conditioning effects.

3.2, hot yoga

Hot yoga, also known as high temperature yoga or heat yoga, that is, at a high temperature environment of 38 degrees-40 degrees, yoga.

The high temperature environment consists of 26 stretching actions, which is a flexible movement, which can improve the softness of the spine and suitable for the office family.

In addition, the high temperature environment of hot yoga can sweat quickly, help improve migraine, low back pain, make people feel younger and delay aging. It can also directly stimulate the neurotrophic muscle system, thereby reducing weight.

What are the asanas of yoga treatment of cervical spondylosis 1. Cat extension type

The practitioner kneels on the floor, supports the body with both hands, inhale, the spine stretchs down, the head is up, the neck is upward upwards Raise, at the same time, the hips are tilted upwards, exhaling, the chest with the chest, the head of the head, the neck down, and tightening the head of the abdomen to make the whole back as much as possible.

Function: Practicing this action can make the spine and surrounding muscle groups more flexible, make the neck and shoulder coordinate work.

2. New moon style

The practitioner is kneeling, the thighs are vertical and calf, and both hands are placed on the side of the body, inhaling, the right leg is a big step forward, and the toes are strong. Place both hands on both sides of the right foot. When inhaling, stick your hands with your ears, extend your head towards the top of the head, lean your head at the back, grab your left ankle with your left hand, stretch your right hand in the direction of the right ear, inhale and restore, and then repeat the other side of the other side. action.

Function: Stretch the spine and strengthen the spine nerve to achieve the purpose of preventing cervical spondylosis.

3. Spinal curve type

The practitioner was standing in a standing posture, his legs together, holding your arms above your head, and his hands parallel to the right side, and the head followed to the right. Bend your body to the right, return to the right side, repeat ten times.

The role: helps the head, shoulder, and cervical spine stretching, playing a role in preventing cervical spondylosis.

How to practice yoga 1. The coordination unity of deep breathing and soothing movements

Breathing is the central part of yoga techniques. The key to the benefits of yoga training is the correct breathing. Deep breathing, inhale more oxygen, increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, to supply the body’s body needs, nourish the body and mind, increase health, exhale more turbid gas, exhaust gas, purify the body and mind; Connect must be completed with breathing. Only through breathing can we fully feel the body’s stretching, squeezing, and reversing process. By soothing and stretching the muscles, so thatMore muscle fibers are involved in exercise to produce larger muscle tension.

2. Combination of binding, interest -regulating, and regulating heart.In the middle, you will feel the stretching of muscles and ligaments, help to stretch muscle lines, which can change the human body shape to make it more symmetrical and beautiful. At the same time, it has the effect of quiet nerve. After practice, it will help reduce fatigue.In the process of practice, yoga pays attention to cultivation, it can keep people a clear state of mind, refreshing spirit, and helping peaceful mood, enhancing life’s confidence, and tolerance to difficult and difficult tolerance.

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