Fitness sports tennis often play more benefits

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Tennis is a mass fitness movement, which is suitable for all ages. From a shot to touching the opponent’s venue from Li, it only took more than 1 second to complete the judgment and coordinating the requirements of the ball to accurately control the ball. Some girls are often asked: Will girls getting tennis arms thicker? Do you often swing with one arm, is it not the same as you often hit two? Ha ha! Wrong, there are N multiple girls playing tennis benefits. Listen to me slowly: Healthy body, playing tennis seemed to fight with hands, in fact, it is hit with legs, so tennis exercises very exercise in the lower body, especially the bodybuilding calf, especially At the same time, playing tennis is very good for plastic waist. I have a deep understanding of this. Lipid exercise. Tennis is a ballet on the court. It is very particular about beauty and rhythm. Girls do not need to use tennis to play tennis, but they can cultivate the rhythm and physical coordination ability of the movement. Temperament, charm, and aesthetics can be originally the source of tennis-if you don’t believe in the beauty of the online altar, Sarapov, Kurkovova. Playing tennis is very good for beauty. Thinking about one hour of exercise, sweating is inevitable. You must know that sweating is a good way to detoxify and beauty. Playing tennis can be happy, strengthen self -confidence, and release the most natural and natural side in exercise. When I saw me inadvertently saw me, I said that when you play, you look beautiful (To be honest, it is not fabricated) playing tennis can make people develop active attitudes and cultivate tough perseverance and indomitable perseverance and indomitable perseverance. the spirit of. Every time you pick up the ball, you are telling yourself that you must try your best to catch it. Even if you are far away from yourself, you must work hard to run over. You can hit the ball, and many times the ball that seems impossible to reach is like this. Therefore, playing is active, and you must be active in doing things. It is difficult for unsuccessful time to do the preparation work. In the hitting ball again and again, you will never give up a ball easily. When you shoot and shoot, sometimes, when the opponent is equivalent to his own level, it depends on who makes mistakes first. Not irritable, not to shoot the opponent to death, it will wear the opponent to death. Therefore, we must persist, to stabilize, and never give up. In addition, girls can also meet many like -minded friends, especially the better tennis men in the best ball. Our club is a talent. I also took this opportunity to thank the students who helped guidance on my tennis road.

Okay, I said so much without knowing it. I love sports and life, and enjoying life. As long as you really love tennis and invest in it, you will find that the world of tennis is wonderful. Girls, when reading books are tired, when you are physically and mentally exhausted, take the onto tennis court on the tennis court. You will find that you are the most beautiful in exercise. Your mood will be easier after exercise.Even more vigorous, the skin will be more beautiful, the figure will be more FIT. What are you hesitant? Come on, together tennis!

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