How do pregnant women do not recommend ten tire yoga actions?

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Pregnant women do a few months, pregnant women are within three months of pregnancy, the best safety method is to care, this time is not suitable for yoga sports, in general, it is recommended that pregnant women began to do yoga to be suitable for pregnant women, help Developed in Shun production and child. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus is still in the embryonic stage, and the amount of pregnant women should not be large, so as not to cause miscarriage. In the first three months, walk is the first choice. The physiological characteristics of pregnant women in each stage of pregnancy are different, and the fitness mode should be adjusted in a timely manner. In the middle of the pregnancy, the fetus is stable, and the pregnant women can increase the exercise, exercise, such as pregnant women, pregnant women, and yoga, etc. according to the personal physical fitness and the past exercise. However, you should still remember that you can not run, and you can easily lose the strenuous exercise of balance.

In the first phase of pregnancy, pregnant women do any labor exercises often can’t persist and finally give up. Pregnant women are recommended to exercise from the 4th month of pregnancy. For future mothers who do not have abortion, active and healthy future, as long as you feel ready to enhance your strength and improve your muscle flexibility and tension.
So, it is said that pregnant women practice yoga is best to do after three months pregnant.

During the whole pregnancy, pregnant women can practice different different yoga postures, but must be subject to personal needs and comfort, yoga exercises vary from person to person, and must coordinate with people’s physical condition. If there is a discomfort during exercises, you can use it more suitable for your own exercises.

Pregnant women raise yoga 1, the double-legged 80 cm from standing, the double-arm side is lifted, sucking, exhaling, the upper body slowly bending the left side, bending to the limit, left hand holding the petles or heel, The right arm is trying upwards, trying to keep the arms up and down into a straight line, and the eyes look at the right fingers. Keep 10 seconds, breathe naturally, slowly reduce it to the original position, change the other side.

Pregnant women are starting for a few months

. The effect helps to strengthen the muscles of the waist, back muscles, and abdominal muscles.

2, sitting on the ground, the legs are opened and straight, the knee is down, the toes keep the spine straight, expand the rib, the diaphragm is stretched upward, and the hands are put On the ground, the deep breath exhalation, the body is bent downward to the limit, look down, keep the back of the back, keep the breathing for 30-60 seconds, restore to the starting posture, relax your legs. Repeat 2-3 times.

Role: This posture stretches the leg ligament, promoting the blood circulation of the pelvic region, relieves the sciatica, which is beneficial to women.
3, the feet stand together, adjust the breathing, bend the right leg, grab the right ankle, try to make the right foot on the inside of the left thigh. After standing, both hands are all in front of the chest and inhalation. If standing is unstable, the right foot can also be attached to the left calf or the inside of the knee.

Role: Can help extend the chest, improve deep breathing, increase lung capacityStrengthen leg strength and balance.

4, supine, curved legs lift the buttocks upward legs, hands support the torso push up, the chin coloring the clavicle, the back shoulders and upper arm, stretch the legs as much as possible, keep the legs 2, minute, if you can’t finish it, you can try to take your feet on the wall.

The action: this posture acts on the thyroid and palendro-thyroid, gravity changes in the neck, improve the internal organs, improve insomnia, constipation, neurasthenia, mood unstable, relieve the fatigue of the lower limbs, relax the waist In addition to the homes of uterine, make the body restore vitality.

5, the feet stand together, stretch all the toes, the knees are straight, backward force, the spine is stretched, put down the shoulders, the neck is straight, the front, try to do any arms, hands Pull the body. Keep 1,2 minutes.

Find the balance point of the toes and the body center line, make the body’s ability to be uniform, improve the gesture enhancement, and adjust the discomfort of the spine, make the hips, open the chest, relax, is Very good improvement of fatigue posture, keep exercises during pregnancy, postpartum waist, and heel discomfort will greatly alleviate.

6, falling seat, keep the cervical vertebra, the spine, the lumbar vertebrae, the legs are retracted to the thigh, the bottom of the foot is relatively, the thumb and forefinger are relaxed, the remaining three fingers are straight, naturally placed in the knee On, palm up.

Make help calm breathing, maximize oxygen, relax, improve blood circulation, achieve harmony, balance between the soul, the body, the spirit.
7, falling, legs to maximize. The shoulders are open, and the hands are naturally hanging, slowly twisted on the left, support themselves before and after the body, the head is twisted, and the eyes look forward.

Role: Helps soft leg ligament, activating spine and cervical vertebrae.

8, the knee is vertical on the ground, the arms are also supported vertically, exhale, the body lifts from the ground, the arms are straight, the eyes are looking down, the tail bones are upward, the armpits Try to stretch, the toes will be held in front of the front, and then stepped on the front of 1-2 minutes, kneel down, repeat 2-3 times.

Role: The fatigue recovery energy can be quickly eliminated, relieve the stiffness and pain of the heel, but also improve the discomfort and stiffness of the shoulder, the heart rate, a lot of fresh blood to the torso and head, restore brain cells and vitality.

9, sitting, legs, double foot heart, close to the thigh root, knees, straight spine, eyes in front of the nose or inner view, keep stable breathing. The exhalation body is curved forward, try to lower the body near the ground, keep 30-60 seconds to absorb, restore the body, relax your legs. Repeat 2-3 times.

Supply pelvic, abdomen, sufficient fresh blood, make the kidney, bladderKeep health, promote the normal pregnancy of the ovarian function a few times a day, can reduce the pain during childbirth, and it is also possible to avoid ilroiity.
10, the double foot is open to about 1 meter width, relax the shoulders, straight back. Adjust your breathing and do ten in your chest. After inhalation, the body slowly squatted when the body slowly breathed, try to go down, keep the upper body and the ground vertical.

Role: Helps to strengthen thigh muscles and knee joints, and tighten the hips, strong and uterine bone muscles.

Pregnant women should pay attention to what matters should pay attention to what pregnant women should pay attention to? Practice yoga has a lot of benefits: enhance pregnant mother’s physical strength and muscle tension, enhance the body’s balance, improve the entire muscle tissue Flexibility and flexibility; stimulate the gland of hormone secretion, increase circulation, accelerate blood circulation, and can control breathing well; it can serve as a massage of internal organs. You can improve your sleep, eliminate yoga exercises against your abdomen, can help postpartum.

Pregnant women Yoga can lose weight?

But yoga is not the only way for pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga is just a proper exercise in the whole pregnancy process. “Childbirth” consumes a lot of physical strength, so most pregnant women feel fear and uneasy before delivery, this is a normal phenomenon.

No matter whether it is practicing yoga, pregnant mothers must get the permission of doctors or midwives, and can practice yoga under the guidance of teaching pregnant women practicing experience. Practiceing yoga is more cautious about never practicing yoga or uncommon exercise and has a history of abortion. It is recommended to practice from pregnancy.

The most suitable for pregnant mothers

1, yoga: Due to these years, yoga is getting more and more popular, more people understand the meaning of meditation, while pregnancy Doing meditation exercises For pregnant mothers, it is a very good thing. Meditation will make pregnant mothers feel relaxed, release tension and anxiety, and make spirit. Because in the process of meditation, a substance called endorphin is generated in the body, which makes the body and mind, pleading, which will enhance the confidence of pregnant mothers to produce.

2, dance: pregnancy dance is one of the most fashionable mothers now like one of the most moving methods. Through this gentle dance, pregnant mothers have a beautiful soundtrack, through a variety of expressions, greatly improved Pregnant mother’s own understanding of the United States, but also has the effect of exercising during pregnancy.

3, aerobics: pregnancy aerobics is one of the fitness methods of the sound and action rhythm, and the dynamic music is more relaxed and pleasant, and the choice of the position will make pregnant mothers. Dynamic can also be dynamic during pregnancy, and the aerobics requires our body’s body to cooperate up and down.Controlling the control, for mothers who have a certain moving base in pregnancy is a very good choice!

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