How to do stretching exercise after exercise

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Many people are building a fitness plan that suits them, but most people rest after completing the daily planned exercise. They do not do some stretch exercises, which leads to slow muscle recovery the next day, weakened exercise effect, and so on. Essence In fact, do the stretching exercise after exercise, which can make the fitness effect more effective. So what is the effect of stretching exercise? How to do stretching exercises after exercise is the most effective? Let Xiaobian take everyone to see.
What is the effect of stretching campaign?
The stretching movement pays attention to step by step. The most important role is to avoid exercise damage to the greatest extent, and at the same time alleviate the symptoms of muscle soreness. It can improve the flexibility and coordination of the body, consolidate the results of fitness, and promote muscle growth, thereby achieving the role of shaping fitness. In addition, stretching can also promote the blood circulation of the body, promote muscle relaxation, and provide nutrition for target muscles. One thing to remind everyone that stretching exercise is not to reduce muscles and increase muscle.

1. Stretching of the calf
The muscles on the calf are mainly divided into gastrocnemiosus and biochemical fish muscles. The calf looks thick because the grain muscle of the calf is relatively developed, and the fisheyle muscle is relatively weak. After skipping the rope, you want to make your calf look thinner. It is mainly stretching than fish muscles. The specific method is as follows: take the sitting position, stretch your legs to keep your knees bent, and hold your legs with both hands to maintain a balance; Feel the stretching and soreness of the back of the stretching leg, keep the stretching movement for 30-60 seconds, and then change the legs to repeat the above action.
2, ligament stretching
After running exercise, you can use stretching movements to relax muscles and reduce damage. The specific method is as follows: the front chest is closer to the knee, the knees should not be bent, and the leg ligaments and the back are acidic. Pain, stop stretching and take two deep breaths, slowly recover to start action. Repeat 12 times. When stretching, you should cooperate with slowly deep breathing. The movements should be slow and mild, and active.
3. Dispostering of the hip flexion
When running, part of the power of the legs comes from the power of the hip flexor muscle, so the hip flexor muscle must be stretched after running. The specific method is as follows: take the standing position, the legs are separated by the front and back, the feet point forward, and the upper body keeps upright. Press your thigh with your hands, and move your hips forward at the same time until you feel the stretching feeling until the front of the hips and the thighs of the hind legs.
4. Stretching the iliac tibial tibia
The iliac tibial beam is a belt connective tissue located below the outside of the thigh. Running, walking, gymnastics and dancers should often do this stretching movement to prevent pain caused by inflammation (syndrome of tibia tibia) on the knee.
Method: The body is upright, and the feet are opened with the same width as the hip. Taking one foot across the other foot and hold the opposite arm at the same time, hold your head over your head to maintain balance. Repeat this action.
5. The back muscle stretch of the legs
This simple stretching movement can stretch all the muscle groups on the back of the thigh, the sameRelax the tight muscles and reduce the pressure on the lower back.Slowly stretch and avoid bullet shocks when the muscles are completely stretched.
Method: Lie flat on the ground and straighten your legs.Bend your left knee and slowly pull it towards the chest until the muscles are stretched.Keep the back of the back with the ground.Relax and then reply
The above is the introduction of how to do stretching exercise after exercise, for reference only.

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