How to jump Kung Fu Yoga

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Article Catalog 1. How to jump in Kung Fu Yoga 1. How to jump in Kung Fu Yoga 2. What are the best stovepipe yoga 3. How should people who practice yoga eat? Third, how many years of age are suitable for learning yoga Kung Fu Yoga 1. How to jump in Kung Fu Yoga 1.1, Dog -style, need to be accepted in the abdomen, so that the scallion is more forward and backward.

1.2, bending the knee, the heel mentioned, the focus of the front is that the hips must be lifted up. At this time, the power of the abdomen, back, legs and hands will be more stable.

1.3, jump forward, let the scallion up, the hips are raised, and the legs should be bravely straightened, and the front side of the thigh should be started.

1.4, when falling in the middle of your hands, keep your hips raising your legs straight and extend your back.

2. What are the best stovepipe yoga? This is a classic posture in yoga. This posture focuses on the whole center of gravity on one leg, giving the thigh strong stimulation. Pay attention to stand upright, otherwise the effect will be discounted.

Do not use the neck and shoulders too strong, remember that this is skinny legs. The legs are straight, which will pull the nerves of your legs. The waist and shoulders should be on the same horizontal line, so that the pressure of the legs can reach the maximum.

3. How should people who practice yoga do not drink alcohol, alcohol can hinder the progress of yoga practice, and drink fruit juice is healthier.

People who practice yoga start to increase the amount of food and promote appetite. At this time, you must control your own food. The method is to eat less meals and not overeating.

People who practice yoga eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat to eat less, you can provide the required nutrition.

During the practice period, do not eat too hot or too cold, yoga practice is still very serious for the body’s stretching, pay attention to diet.

What are the benefits of baby training yoga 1. Increase lung activity: Children’s yoga requirements are not as high as adult yoga, but they still attach great importance to deep breathing skills. This is not only beneficial to increase lung capacity, but also helps improve improvement Sensitivity of asthma and trachea.

2. Help Xiaofeng Dun’er to lose weight: The action of yoga is not fierce, but the amount of exercise is not small. Some mothers send them to practice yoga in order to let the fat baby lose weight. For children who simply cause obesity due to dietary problems and lack of exercise, this is a good way to lose weight, because yoga requires a relatively light diet, and the exercise process can help massage internal organs. Therefore On the one hand, he minus fat under the action of good habits.

3. Rich imagination: The coach during the practice will use the storytelling method to guide the child to do action, so every childI have to start practicing through some imagination. When listening to the story, do exercise and treat yourself as the role of the story. Of course, you can enrich your imagination.

4. Improving attention: The balance of balance in yoga movement has high requirements for attention. For children who are playful, this is the hardest part. They will be in Learning to control your attention in a little bit of “practice” is good for future learning and life.

A few years old suitable for people of any age to learn yoga can practice, but choose the positive asana that suits you according to your physical condition. For example Damaged people should be appropriately shortened and avoiding too much weight of unilateral damage to the limb to withstand, as well as poor heart function and do not stay for too long at the station.

In short, because of person, you must have a full understanding of your body, and pay special attention to your body signal during practice. If your body is “protest”, it hurts or tired Moreover, pay special attention to practice in the correct way under the guidance of a professional coach. Secondly, there are restrictions on the age of starting training, not too small.

It is recommended that starting from the age of fourteen and five, the earliest cannot be as early as twelve or three years old. It is specific to the development status. If a very early child can be twelve or three, it is best to start later.

So we should understand through the above introduction. Learning yoga generally does not distinguish between age, but young people can practice yoga to practice. Children’s practice yoga can enhance their self -confidence, and help children can help children Improve your attention and physical control ability, and indirectly cultivate good living habits.

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