How to persist in weight loss, keep in mind the common sense of weight loss

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I. Persist in “three precepts” to lose weight without rebounding “one ring” heart.

Many fat people in the impression that they were smiling, as if there was nothing annoying all day. However, surveys show that there are many psychological problems in obese people. For example, fat children often have insufficient confidence, high psychological pressure, and overwhelming women are susceptible to depression, and fat men are often fighting. So this first ring is to let go of the heart.

Many obese people feel that they are not satisfied in love and have no sense of security, so they make up for this sense of scarce through excessive diet. Psychological affects the body’s fat! If you do not remove emotional garbage from the heart, remove some fundamental behavior patterns, and constantly suppress yourself. Even if you lose weight successfully, there may be two results after a period of time: there is a opposite force to rebound back. The weight has also rebounded; the second, long -term depression, even those who lose weight become very embarrassed, even leading to depression.

You can do this:

Re -accepting yourself in your heart, telling yourself: “I love you, no matter what you grow, I will always love you.” When you unconditionally, you unconditionally Accept your appearance, genetic genes, and accept it, your body comfortable will also return your mind to calmness. When you have such a mentality, you will be happy to lose weight, because at this time you will not be too demanding your body.

“Two Precepts” blind

Weight loss pills, fruit meals, weight loss recipes, dietary methods, noon, acupuncture, cupping, do you see what weight loss recipes on the Internet,或一聽朋友說什么減肥方法管用,就不管三七二十一地試起來,典型的“肥急亂投醫”?


  根據經驗, Under what circumstances is it easy to get fat, find the “fat cause”, and adjust your own natural adjustment;

“Three Rings” greedy

Food balance is the basis of all our balance. After solving the basic “hunger”, if you are still to solve the emotional problems such as disappointment, satisfy your appetite, or vent your depression and other emotional problems, eating blindly, it will cause food, excess nutrition, overweight, and so on.

You may sometimes face “pseudo hunger”. Some people say that there is no “resistance” for desserts and cakes. After eating a full meal, they will give themselves desserts. Some people say, “As long as I open the food book, I will feel hungry, even if I just eat it.” Some people “eat” in order to dispel trouble, eliminate anxiety, cope with stress, suppress anger, etc.

You can do this:

Retain your physiological hunger, you can be hungry. Do not gobble when eating, chew slowly; do not add meals, do not eat buffet.

Second, keep the common sense of weight loss in weight lossAmong them, weight loss experts pointed out that they must be combined with diet and exercise, and weight loss can be immediate. The method of weight loss for others is very successful. It may not be effective to apply to you. This is because weight loss needs to consider whether it is in line with your own special circumstances. The following 13 methods always have a way to lose weight for you. Incorporating it into your daily weight loss, I believe that it will receive good results soon.

Why did you have a good effect of diet weight loss? At this time, you need to restart the weight loss plan. The following health weight loss common sense is provided by a weight loss expert. You have a lot of help.

Combination of diet and exercise

Everyone knows that weight loss needs to be combined with diet and exercise. Studies have shown that getting up every morning to exercise and exercise can cooperate with diet to lose weight. Because your weight loss confidence will be stimulated well, and you can stick to long -term diet to lose weight.

Formulate a major sports goal

Don’t say “I have to train 3 times a week”, and take time training every day. Generally speaking, we will achieve 60%of the movement target. So if your goal, the larger, the larger the goal you can finally achieve. Don’t be afraid to do the amount of exercise you can’t do, and tell yourself: I can lose weight even if I only complete 60%.

Add some interest

It is difficult to find for one or two hours to exercise, but you can add a little interest: listen to MP3. A study in New Jersey found that those who listened to music when walking can double the weight.

3. What are the play games and weight loss methods of novelty weight loss

Have you played the Russian square? Russian block is not only a simple game, but also to help you lose weight. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on the 22nd, British psychologists have found that weight lossrs can reduce the psychological needs of fat -rich foods and snacks by playing Russian cubes; the addiction of smoking quit can also be curbed. Let ’s take a look at the principle of playing with Russian cubes.

Because of its simple and old and old, Russian cugs have been popular all over the world since the 20th century. Its basic rules are various blocks that move, rotate, and place the automatic output of the game to arrange it into a complete line or multiple lines and eliminate scores. Scientists from the University of Plighte Meyscus said that playing Russian squares can reduce the need to suppress the spontaneous demand for food and snacks; and for three minutes to play games, the desire for food will disappear. What is the principle based on? Scientists believe that Russian squares can distract players and cannot visualize food, alcohol and cigarettes.

During the test, Professor Jame Andrad of Prilymouth University recorded volunteersThe eagerness of food, including three dimensions: desire, visual vitality, and psychological invasion. All participants were told that they were going to play for three minutes of Russia, but in fact, only half really started playing games, and the other half had been waiting for the game to start. The results found that volunteers playing Russian blocks decreased by 24%than volunteers who have been waiting for the game.

Professor Andrade introduced that the desire to eat snacks can generally only last for a few minutes; in these minutes, the brain will visualize the food and imagine the pleasure brought by food. This visual process will eventually lead to abandoning efforts and surrender to the temptation of food and cigarettes. “By playing with Russian squares, you can hinder your brain to produce these seductive images in a short time,” said Professor Andrader. “My team believes that this experimental result provides a fast and reliable method for people who insist on diet or try to give up smoking or alcohol.”

bandage slimming method

Many women like Wrap yourself tightly with a bandage to help lose weight. When you see this scene, don’t be too surprised, because they do so scientific basis!

The steps are as follows:

① First apply cod liver oil on the body to make the body feel warm.

② Wrap the arms and thighs with bandages soaked in salt water.

The tightness of the bandage wrapped is very important, not too loose or too tight. The parts with more fat and fat accumulation can be tightly wrapped, and the joints and other parts. Because there are blood circulation and more nerve passing, it is not advisable to tie too tightly.

The use of bandages to wrap the body obesity can help decompose subcutaneous fat, effectively promote fat burning, and achieve the purpose of weight loss. Generally, this method of weight loss is suitable for about twice a week and continuous for about one month, which can obviously feel the effect of decreased weight.

4. Simple and effective weight loss small movement 1. Head and neck: Raise the head on the right hand, pull the head to the right side, reset, repeat several times, and change the left hand repeated movement.

2. Shoulder: The left hand stretched the right hand to hold up flat, stretching the left, and repeated movements.

Third, chest: flat hands, do chest expansion exercises.

Four and two -headed muscle: Lifting side, grab the corner or any high support, turn the upper body, and persist for 10-15 seconds.

Five or three heads: grab the other elbow joint with one hand, push and cross the body, until the back touch the back.

Six. Glores: Put the left leg on the right leg and keep it bent. Make your left leg touch your chest and turn your body to the left shoulder.

Seven, the outside of the thigh: the stretching side of the thigh to the back of the thigh, the calf and the outside of the feet are on the ground.Stretching on one side.

Eight, legs and tendons: lying flat, piercing one leg up, the other leg bent and keeping the feet on the ground.Put a straight foot with a towel, gently pull down the towel down, and push the towels on the feet.

Nine, Two -head muscles: Stand with one foot, keep your body upright.Keep a wall with one hand.The other hand pulls the tip of the same toes up.

Ten, calf: One leg is a big step forward, the other leg does not move, and the body is pressed forward.

Eleven, upper back: stand upright, grab the armrests with high abdomen with both hands, and repeatedly bow and press down.

Twelve, lower waist: lying on your back, bent on your legs, holding your calves with both hands, and stretching to your chest as much as possible.Repeat 10 times, 30 seconds each.

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