Local slimming is difficult to get difficult to reduce parts of yoga to help you

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If you want to drive away excess fat in different positions of your body, in addition to paying attention to the balanced diet, as long as you cooperate with the current hot yoga movement, concentrate on tightening the upper and lower body muscles, and reshaping the beautiful lines. The fat on the waist is usually difficult to lose, so in addition to the following yoga movements, it is recommended to cooperate with an appropriate amount of oxygen with and eat less snacks or high sugar and high salt foods to increase the effect of body shaping.



  step2右腳用力向后扯,并盡量Specify your toes and repeat your left foot before doing it;

STEP3 forward and use the strength of the arms and feet to support the body, maintain the movement for about 10-20 seconds, and repeat the whole group of movements.

Beauty back muscle!

Step1 first embroidered on the ground, facing the floor, and then raised his head, his arms were placed next to your hips, your palms were on the sky; The back palm, then lift up the upper body backward;

STEP3 then lift your feet with the same force to leave the ground, make a V-shaped state, and try to keep the action for about 10-15 seconds.



  step2身體面向左方,以單手保持平衡并Standard the body with both feet and right arm;

Step3 Straighten the left hand with the left hand, improve it up, and stretch it up with the waist force to maintain the movement at a natural breathing speed for about 10 seconds before repeating the left and right directions.

Asian women and women who often sit in the office usually have serious lower body obesity. Due to the lack of activity, it is easy to have gastrointestinal problems. It is more helpful to improve body shape.

Remove the belly!

Step1 sit on the ground first, then bend your knees and tighten your thigh position with your hands; Foot, maintain for about 10 seconds;

STEP3 try to let go of your hands and keep the same posture for about 10 seconds to tighten the abdominal muscles.

Tightening the hip

Step1 stands up and down slightly, then put your hands on your thighs firmly; Stretch out your hands forward, remember to keep your feet tightening and keep your movements for about 10 seconds;

Step3 finally bent with both knees and straightened his hands as much as possible, maintaining the action for about 5-10 seconds.

Slim thighs!

Step1 stands forward forward, supports the waist, and steps forward.After pulling, the upper body pressed hard.Note that the feet must be kept tightly on the ground;

Step3 flex the left foot to 90, the right foot is pulled as much as possible, the palms of both hands are straight and straightened to the sky.Repeat the whole set of action on the other side.

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