Middle-aged fitness pays attention to eight balance

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When people get to the age, they should pay attention to health care, but many ways are very different from young. Experts suggest that each fitness method has its own specificity and limitations, and the method of choosing too single is not necessarily good, and the balance movement or alternating movement should be selected. The following is an eight balance alternating movement, and the elderly can choose several combinations.

Brain balance: In addition to physical exercise, such as walking, running, playing, alternating brain exercise, such as writing, practice calligraphy, internet, play card, play chess, etc. Not only can they enhance physical strength, but they can also delay brain aging to avoid excessive brain or physical activity.
Dynamic and static balance: physical strength and brain force alternating activity exercise. To ensure adequate sleep and rest time, do meditation, meditate and make exercise to relax the whole body muscles. Dynamic muscle activity (30 minutes walk) and static muscle activity (knee bending is greater than 90 degrees) to 10 minutes a day 10 minutes)

Upper and lower balance: the running of the lower extremity activities, the walking of the cardiovascular system is exercised, mainly exercising the muscles of the leg; the exercise of the upper limb activities (playing, fitness equipment) should also do it, so that the upper and lower limbs are obtained Balanced exercise.

The front and rear balance: Most of the movements of the human body are forward, so the muscular ligament of the front group is dominated, and the post-group is disadvantaged, and the unbalanced abstament is the source of many diseases. The backward movement, after walking, anti-arch, backtroke, etc. can strengthen the meditative muscle ligament.

Left and right balance: Most people have an advantageous hand or leg, and naturally, the relative side is in a disadvantage. The benefits of alternating activities left and right, not only the left and right limbs are balanced, but the key is that the tweet between the brain is also balanced.

Quickly balance: fast and slow motion alternating, such as slow rhythm or fast pace dance, slowly walking quickly, allowing various metabolic functions of the body to get exercise.

Cold and hot balance: different temperature exercises in the outside world is immunized by the body, the Shu Containing of cardiovascular smooth muscle can cause any drugs that cannot be replaced. Such as exercise in winter cold wind and summer heat in summer is needed. It is neither an excessively emphasized the benefits of a certain approach, and it is not to pay attention to the limitations of a certain approach. There is no cold water bath habit, and the water temperature difference in the elderly should be appropriately reduced, and it is very suitable in the pool of 26 to 28 ° C.
Total-pull balance: Most of the human body uses upright movements, requiring a lying position or level of exercise to maintain the equilibrium of local gravity and blood distribution, reducing the burden of heart to achieve a healthy longevity. In addition to swimming, crawling is also horizontal, and the limbs are reptt forward, and each time I insist on 20 to 30 minutes.
Momentials should grow with age and reduce the strength. Like the old man who pulls the ligament, you can’t just pull the ligament without exercise power, you can fitnessMuscle training of legs and upper limbs is added to the way.

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