Precautions for fast slimming and fitness exercises, slimming fitness exercises

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First, the specific movement of fast weight loss fitness exercise 1, stretch
to stand on both feet, stretch your hands upwards, and then slowly bend over until the palm is placed on the ground.
2, bow and arrow step
Keep your hands on the ground, stretch your legs back to form a bow and arrow step; then your skin and hips, make the torso straighten, do 5 times the bow and the bow movement ( Do not change your legs -do the same movement with another leg).
3, push -ups
After the bow and arrow step, the front legs are extended backwards, and the push -up position is changed to make 5 push -ups.
4, buttocks and shoulders
After finishing push -up, the hips are relaxed until the abdomen is almost exposed to the ground, holding the chest forward, holding the ground with both hands, straightening your arms, and holding for one minute.
5, the legs are lifted and let go
Now put your butt towards the ceiling, keep your arms straight, raise your feet from the ground, and then put it down. (You will feel that the calf muscles are trembling.) Do this lifting and lower movement 20 times. Finally move together and feet together. Gently raise the position of standing, and immediately return to the initial posture of the first section, and start to redo the action.

2. Precautions for slimming fitness exercises 1. Stepping step by step. At the beginning, we should take a step movement to make the body and lower limbs adapt to adaptation. Don’t do it for too long, it is advisable to take 10 minutes. Before walking, do warm -up and appropriate stretching exercise, especially the moderate stretching of the lower limbs is very important. When it is cold, warm -up time should be long and wear more clothes. Test your pulse number per minute before and after walking and record it for reference. After long -term exercise, cardiopulmonary endurance will increase, heart rate will decrease, and the heartbeat will return to normal and faster after exercise. Beginners should be two or three times a week, and it is advisable to be the next day. Then you can increase the number appropriately until you feel the appropriate amount, never force it.
2. Hygiene and health. After fitness exercise, you should replace the sweaty clothes in time to avoid cold, especially after exercise in the air -conditioned room, you should do some stretching exercises before showering. Those who often do aerobic fitness exercises should pay attention to their feet and cut toenails often. Sweating more during hot days, sweating in the toe seam is easy to breed bacteria, so you should keep the skin of the feet often dry.

3. How to perform the basic posture of slimming exercise in the office
Just like to do a warm -up exercise before running, you must relax yourself before you do weight loss fitness exercises. Before doing various training actions, you must stand naturally, look at your eyes, your feet are slightly separated, and the shoulders are wide, and your hands are drooping naturally. Relax of the whole body.
Type back and back
Hands with your hands first, look up and lean, inhale at the same time, look at the sky, stay for a while; then slowly bow your head to the chest, breathe at the same time, and look at the ground. When doing this, close your mouth, so that the jaw should be as close as possible to the front chest. After a moment of stay, then repeatedly do it four times. The purpose of the action is: stretching, relaxing, and slow, it is advisable to feel uncomfortable.
Raise your arms and turn around
First raise your right arm, your palms down, look up at your palms, your body slowly turns to the left, and stays for a while. When turning around, pay attention to turning the heel to 45 degrees, lean your body’s center of gravity, and then turn your body to the right back. When rotating, you should slowly inhale. Slowly exhale when turning, and the whole movement should be slow and coordinated. When turning the neck and waist, try to turn to the unable to turn, stay for a while, return to the natural style, and then change the left arm. When changing the left arm, the hand that puts down should be slowly pressed along the ears. After changing the arms, do it again, and do it twice back and forth.

4. What kind of single -legged sitting side to turn on the side of yoga and fitness exercises
Sit on the yoga mat with 90 ° right angles on the upper body and lower body, bend your right leg with your right leg, your calf close to your thighs, support your right hand to support your right hand on In front of the body, the left hand is around the outside of the knee. If you feel that you can still reverse, use your right hand to hold the wrist of your left hand to continue to twist, keeping this posture for 10 seconds. This yoga movement can improve the flexibility of the body, not only exercise the fat on the waist and abdomen, but also promote the combustion effect on the fat of the arms and thighs.
Raise the side of the legs
Stretly support your hands on the ground, the knees bent on the left let your legs close together, and slowly lift your hips. The body is still twisted; The knee defense left the elbow of the left hand, and then slowly moved the center of gravity to leave the ground, and the left leg straightened backwards and kept this posture for 10 seconds. This action is a bit difficult, you can exercise to the lower body, making the lower body lines smoother and more obvious.
Sitting folded by one leg
Like the starting posture above, the upper and lower body forms 90 ° sitting, bent the right leg and knees, put the lower legs close to the thigh; hold the hands behind the back, and then put the upper body to go to the upper body to go towards the upper body. Bend down. Try to bend as much as possible, and then keep this posture for 10 seconds. In this way, you can stretch your legs, open your chest and shoulders, and make your back thinner.

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