Simple and effective yoga two moves to easily create slender beautiful legs (picture)

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What are the action of stovepipe yoga? Yoga is a way of weight loss in the process of weight loss. In the hot summer, short skirts and hot pants are a must -have for each girl. But how do you miss a pair of beautiful legs? Xiaobian tells you the two simplest yoga skinny legs. Simply 10 minutes a day, you can have a pair of beautiful skinny legs.

1. Warrior style

Featured effects: Warriors can be stretched because of leg tendons, so long leg lines can be trimmed and sciatica can be prevented.

1. Kneeling on the right knee, kneeling on the left, straight body. Hold your hands on your chest. Look ahead and keep it naturally breathe.

2. Inhale, lift your left knee, and straighten. Pass up with both hands. Exhale, keep your thighs as parallel to the ground as much as possible.

3. Hold the ground with both hands, put your right hand on the inside of the right foot, inhale, open your left hand upwards, perpendicular to the ground, look at your left fingertips, keep for several seconds.

Reminder: Beginners do not have to force themselves, as long as they feel the leg tendons stretch. You can practice 5 times a day and stay for about 5 seconds each time. Pay attention to the action 2 and action 3. Do not bend the knee on the ground.

Second, one -leg stand stretching yoga

1. Stand with mountain -style.

2, exhale, bend your right knee, lift your right leg, grab your right foot with your right thumb, index finger and middle finger.

3. Put your left hand on your left hip to keep a balance and make 2 deep breaths.

4, exhale, stretch forward, pull your right leg, straighten your right leg, and make 2 deep breaths.

5. When you are stable in this form, hold your right foot with both hands, pull up higher, and keep 2 deep breath.

6. At the same time, while exhaling, press your head, nose, and chin tightly right knees in turn, and keep 3-5 deep breath.

7, exhale, let go of your hand, slowly put your right leg on the ground, and return to the mountain style.

8. Repeat the above actions.

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