Summer two -type belly reduction yoga easily throws off the fat 痩 痩

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What are the thin belly yoga? Summer is here, and when it comes to the big show, how to quickly reduce the belly to make yourself thin in summer? The following editors will bring benefits to everyone who loves beauty. Weight loss yoga allows you to lose your belly in a week. This summer is a good time for you to show beauty. Come and learn.

Ship type

The ship type means overall or complete. This asana is like a boat with paddle, so it is named.

1. Lie on your back, straighten your legs together, put your arms on both sides of the hips, and your palms down.

2. Inhale, raise your head, upper body, arms and legs at the same time, palms inward, keep your arms parallel to the ground, straighten your back, and relax your neck.

3. Try to grab your feet with both hands. When exhaling, slowly restore your body to the initial.

Keep the spine straight during the practice. Try not to arch the back. The center of gravity of the body is placed on the tail, which can enhance the stability. If the knee cannot be completely straightened, the toes can be slightly hooked back. Do the left and right legs once each, keep it 3-5 times.

Moou Gong

In the previous India, many homes will have beans grinding, making butter, or walking on the dough with both feet. In the process, the body is very physical. Maintain some specific postures in order to enhance physical fitness and focus on the work to concentrate. That’s simple. Through the operation of daily housework, people have health, concentration of intentions, and gratitude to nature.

1. Sit, straighten your legs forward, straighten your arms forward and parallel to the ground and cross your hands with your hands.

2. Inhale, straighten your waist, keep your arms rotating to the maximum extent when your arms are parallel to the ground. Exhale back and forth, inhale left and right.

Keep your legs close together during the practice. Try not to bend. The arms drive the body to rotate the body on the parallel line, and feel the changes in the lower abdomen, breathe even, and do it once on the left and right.

As long as you practice in this way, it only takes 7 days. Your lower abdomen will obviously change. Try it.

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