Taijiquan is an inseparable boxing method with health care

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People continue to fight against the diseases of the body, and often live in disease resistance, thereby accumulating a large number of health knowledge and methods of disease removal. my country ’s Tai Chi is one of them. Although Taijiquan belongs to the category of Chinese martial arts, it can also be said to be one of the components of Chinese medicine. By practicing Taijiquan, you can achieve the purpose of getting rid of disease, health, and extending. Martial arts can be divided into two categories: inner family boxing and outsider. Foreign boxing is mainly practicing muscles, bones, and skin, and the inner box of Taichu is mainly nourishing qi and Tongluo. It can also be said that it is mainly to relax and adjust the qi and blood of the whole body. Essence Therefore, in order to raise the disease, adjust the operation of qi and blood, restore the normal cycle of the body, and practice Tai Chi.

Practicing Tai Chi is not a general learning fist. You must understand a lot of basic skills. You must achieve “relaxation” and “unobstructed airway”. The lung owner’s qi, the lung qi tone, the whole body is full of qi. When practicing boxing, you must cooperate with breathing and opening and closing. Due to the above requirements, the people who Lacked Taijiquan paid attention to relax and adjust their breath during the boxing process. The body sweats slightly, increasing the metabolism in the body, and it has played a fitness effect of eliminating the disease and strengthening the body. Sports physiology tells us that any exercise must have a certain strength and a long -lasting intensity in order to have a greater impact on improving human health, especially on the cycle system and respiratory system of the human body. The reasonable combination of exercise intensity and duration is indispensable for improving the function of circulatory systems and respiratory systems. Because Tai Chi is full of the essence of the excellent traditional culture of China, it is both martial arts and culture; it is both fitness and martial arts. And art appreciation value.

Those who insist on practicing Taijiquan all year round generally reflect that the thighs are thick. Sports experts believe that the high -functional movement of large -legged muscle groups makes the human body adding a lot of small water pumps to help heart work, that is, reducing the burden on the heart and helping the health of the cardiovascular system. Because Taijiquan attaches great importance to the training of the human body, it is conducive to the downwardness of qi and blood, adjusting the state of decline in the human body, which can prevent high blood pressure, stun and other diseases, and have anti -aging functions. As the saying goes, “People are old from their legs”, people above middle age often have various diseases that are prosperous and declining. The problems of the death of the elderly in the American medical community have been upgraded year by year as the third largest enemy of death. Their government is willing to allocate funds to support scientific research projects about Taijiquan’s prevention and treatment. Tai Chi has developed particularly fast in the United States for the past two or three years, which is also an important reason.

  從中國傳統醫學角度來說,“上盛下衰”是中醫術語,指的是中年老人肝腎兩虧、陰虛陽浮,而出現的血壓升高、心虛失眠、畏Cold fear of cold, cold limbs, stagnation and constipation waiting. Patients often look red, and there is no illnessEssence However, due to the deficiency of the lower Yuan, the feet were soft, the movement was inconvenient, and the walking time was painful. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people are more than forty years old, and liver and kidney are easy to lose, like a yellow pages. Watering fertilizer should start from the root, nourishing the liver and kidney, which is the secret of health care. In addition to taking some nourishing foods and medicines, it is important to strengthen the movement of the human body and lower limbs. Because the human body Dantian and the Mingmen (that is, the small abdomen) are the most critical and fundamental parts of the various nutrients absorbed by the human body into sperm blood (and endocrine). Therefore, enhancing the movement of the lower abdomen, waist, crotch and lower limbs is the most basic link to promote the digestion and absorption of the human body and the circulation of qi and blood. The lumbar spine and legs are enhanced, the natural blood veins are smooth, the spirit is strong, and the long -lasting is to eliminate or avoid the symptoms of “upper and lower decline”. Taijiquan not only emphasizes physical relaxation, but also requires mental relaxation in the process of boxing, combining brain suppression and excitement, and it is also conducive to the balance of mentality. Therefore, for today’s lifestyle, practicing a kind of Tai Chi and Tai Chi boxing equipment is a very reliable health road. As long as you stick to boxing every day, it can keep your body and mind and dynamic balance.

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