The benefits and disadvantages of sitting leg sitting

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Different people will develop different living habits in their lives, and their sitting positions are rich and diverse. In fact, different sitting positions have different benefits and disadvantages. Sitting on legs is a behavior that many people are used to in life. What are the benefits and disadvantages? Let’s take a look together.

The benefits of sitting cross -legged

1. Keeping kidney

Clamp leg sitting can accelerate the body’s metabolism, reduce the burden on kidney excretion, and play the effect of protecting the kidney. A person with full kidney qi will naturally sit straight, and rarely discomfort with back pain and bow and waist. If your body has a kidney deficiency, you may wish to try the health method of cross -legged legs.

2. Dredging the meridians of the leg

Clamp of leg sitting with the ankle to press the large arteries on the inside of the thigh. This posture can open the meridians of the legs and have a good exercise effect on the bones and bones. In addition, the crotch joint will also be opened, and over time, it has a certain dredging effect on the context of the whole body.

3. Relieve psychological pressure

When sitting with a picker, you can not only alleviate your own pressure, let yourself slowly calm down, and slowly digest your negative emotions, the whole person’s mental state It may be sublimated, and the external appearance will be more elegant.

4. Exercise the flexibility

Some people say that meditation can play the effect of strengthening the body. In fact, the most effective thing is to exercise the meridians of the body and legs, and to exercise. The effect of body softness.

5. Improve sleep

If you are always drowsy during the day and it is difficult to fall asleep at night, then try to improve this situation. Clame legs can regulate the body’s breathing, make the spirit of the day more concentrated, and break the sense of fatigue and weakness; the body’s function is improved, and it is easier to fall asleep at night.

The disadvantages of sitting for a picker

1. Acute pain is prone to shoulder and neck

When people sit on their legs, the upper body is automatically leaning forward. The effect on the lumbar spine is not good. The muscles of the back and shoulders have been in a tight state. After a long time, the feeling of sore shoulder and neck is even more obvious.

2. Knee damage

Not all suitable for meditation, such as people with hidden illnesses, if you meditate on your legs, it will directly damage the knee joint, and even some people can sit for a while for a while for a while Later, causing dangerous consequences that cannot be standing.

3. Poor blood flow on the legs

When sitting on the leg, you can accelerate the blood circulation of the upper body, but it has a bad effect on the blood circulation of the lower body. The feeling of paralysis of legs is obvious, which is caused by the blood circulation of the lower body.

The above is the benefits and disadvantages of the picker sitting legs introduced for everyone. I hope today’s sharing can help everyone.

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