The benefits of children’s belly dance and precautions, belly dance to lose weight quickly throwing the perfect curve

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Do you want to lose weight? Dance your belly dance, as long as you have nine steps, you can let you throw out the perfect curve. Follow the editor’s learning, absolutely unexpected effects.

The first step:

Beginning with belly dance to lose weight. The right foot stomped slightly, and the crotch on the right side was on the right, his eyes looked at the bottom, and his hands opened naturally.

Step 2:

The crotch slowly began to span the left and right, and the elbows were flexed to the face, and the hands were crossed.

Step 3:

Raise the right foot, stand out on the right, surrounded by both hands from top to bottom, and flexed the knee buckle once left and right.

The fourth step:

The movement of this step is the opposite of the third step. The left foot stomped, the left crotch came out, surrounded by both hands from top to bottom, the left and right knee knee flexed the inner buckle once, repeated the action twice, and the waist twisted.

Step 5:

Stretch out his hands, upper right up, the eyes are the same as the right hand, the left hand bent the elbow on the side of the head, and the waist is lifted to the right.

Step 6:

Relax with both hands, bend the elbow on both sides of the hips, and lift the waist to the left.

Step 7:

Open your arms with your arms, dance like the snake arm, lift your left and right feet once, lift your crotch, and swing your waist back and forth.

Step 8:

The upper body posture remains unchanged. The important thing is the change between the waist bone, the left and right, the hips swing.

Step 9:

Put your hands with your elbows on the left and right with your elbows on your chest, bend your right knee, your toes, and sit on your hips slightly.

The dance of belly dance is becoming more and more popular in China with its unique aesthetic effect. Many parents take their children to learn belly dance in order to cultivate their children’s elegance, especially girls. Today, I will talk about the benefits and precautions of children’s belly dance.

In fact, the belly dance is a sport suitable for children. From the characteristics of the belly dance to u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash;

The soft movement, so it will not cause compression and impact on children’s bone ligaments;

, although the basic movement of belly dance is low intensity, it needs continuous and repeated exercises. This can exercise children’s endurance. Heshic perseverance;

Three, bellyThe dance contains a lot of training joint training, which can enhance the elasticity and flexibility of the child’s joints, and the joints are the dead corners of the body that rarely exercise in other exercise methods.

Four, as a dance art with a rich historical accumulation, belly dance is greatly beneficial to cultivating children’s elegance.

In the birthplace of the belly dance, as a real popular dance, the belly dance is unlimited by age. Belly dance is a lifestyle of most Egyptians, and it has deeply integrated into people’s lives like air. People have been dancing since childhood. On the street, Egyptian children who can often see the waist and limbs and the spikes of flying steps can be seen that small children can dance on their limbs in the music under the leadership of adults.

However, the current situation in China is different. On the one hand, due to the differences in cultural and environment, a strong dance atmosphere like in Egypt is lacking, and on the other hand, belly dance is largely considered to be only a woman’s exclusive, so the child’s belly dance is still There are fewer. Compared with the current children’s Latin and children’s ballet -shaped training courses, children’s belly dance training can be regarded as rare species. Although there are also a few children learn to dance belly dances, they are only for short -term training for a school or family performance show. Few children have practiced belly dance as a long -term training plan. In fact, the combination of the pace of belly dance is very suitable for training children’s flexibility and coordination. More importantly, because of the highly free combination of belly dance, children can freely express their lively good movements.

Of course, when a child is learning belly dance, naturally should adopt a training method different from adults:

1. You can use storytelling to tell the child about the beautiful legend about belly dance. Increasing their curiosity children’s interest in belly dance.

2. Children’s understanding is relatively weak than adults, so there can be less rational analysis in the training basic action process, and you don’t need to emphasize the standard of action as much as ballet. Understand the strength of the action. There are more coherence of demonstration exercises. It is best to choose some music with strong rhythm and fun.

3. It can give the practice or combine a beautiful name. The best name is related to things that children like children like small animals. This is more conducive to children to memorize and stimulate their imagination.

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