The fastest and most effective way to reduce the belly, four yoga to train a small waist

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Now many white -collar workers have been sitting for a long time, causing more and more fat on the stomach, and Xiao Man’s waist is gone again. How to reduce the belly is a problem that the white -collar worker is urgent to solve. So what are the fastest ways to reduce the stomach and what are the most effective methods? Let ’s recommend 4 yoga movements below. ! Back wall pressing legs

Step 1: Fold the mats to a layer, so as not to hurt the knee bone, kneel on the right leg, support the knees on the mat, the support point is 20cm from the wall, the right foot stretchs straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, and your right foot stretchs. Turn up, your toes are against the wall.

Step 2: The left leg is bent in front, the left foot is supported by force, and the hips are pressed down until the hip joint is stretched.

Step 3: Put your left hand on your left leg, cross your right hand, straighten your upper body, stretch your belly inward, stretch your upper body upwards, keep 5 breathing, slowly put down your legs, then change your left leg Repeated practice. Essence

Side supportive legs

This is a movement that separates the legs by the upper limbs, which is quite stretched and can exercise to the whole body.

Step 1: Start from the posture of the push -ups, turn the body to the right, and transfer the center of gravity to the right hand and right foot.

Step 2: Under the condition of no loss, slowly raise your left leg upwards, with the left hand grabbing the left toe as the goal.

Step 3: If you can get closer in one go, you can gradually lift your legs to the highest position, keep five breathing, and change to the other side.

Estimation of the position of the vertical body

It seems to be a simple movement. In fact, it is a comprehensive stretching. The back lines, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, systemic exercise.

Step 1: Foots are naturally separated, the shoulders are wide, the arms are straightened behind, parallel to the ground, and tight fingers.

Step 2: Slowly bent forward, the chest slowly approaches the legs, and the hands are raised from the front to the front. When you stretch your back, you must suck into your stomach. Don’t bulge out and feel the rapid sense of breathing.

Step 3: To reach the maximum limit of your body, keep 5 breathing, put down your hands, and slowly stand upright, but don’t be too fierce. You can do a few more back and forth.

Lift the legs forward to flexion

The action looks quite difficult, but it is controllable. If it cannot be balanced, you can practice it with a wall or find someone to help.

Step 1: Stand straight in the body, then slowly bent down the upper body until your hands hold the ground, and then lift your left leg upwards. Don’t force it and lift it into a straight line.

Step 2: The abdomen is inward, insist on fiveBreathe, then change your left leg support, repeat the above actions.

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