The four questions of belly dance answers the charm of belly dance: charming and sexy figure

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Do you want a sexy and charming figure? Today, I will tell you the benefits of practicing belly dance to allow you to have a sexy body. Belly dance is a very female dance. The belly dance is characterized by the rapid rhythm of changes, swinging the abdomen and the vigorous dancing arm and chest. These actions have become belly dances. Next.

Of course, the belly dance can be uniquely dance, and the romantic unique Arabic music belly dance is even more dynamic. Common musical instruments such as Ud (NEY), Diliba (NEY), Di Erba (NEY) DEBLEK) Hand drum, Yangqin Mountain Duer, etc. Among them, the drum of the percussion instrument is particularly important. When the dancer shows the unique dynamic of the drums when the dancer shows the dance of the dancing belly.

Belly dance also combines other props, such as snakes, swords, veils, candles, flames, etc. These props may be affected by the ancient belly dance and mysterious religious ritual. These polaric and mysterious performance methods, some countries in the Middle East still have no way to follow. Especially the intricate snake drama, the snake symbolizes men and women, and hermaphrodite is very weird and full of Arab mystery.

As a beautiful body art, belly dance through pelvis, hips, chest and arms, and dazzling crotch swing movements to create an elegant and sexy and soft dance language, give full play to the female bodies of women’s bodies The beauty of femininity. It is a whole body movement that allows your legs, abdomen, shoulders, and necks to be fully moved, thereby improving the elasticity and flexibility of the body. The movement of the arm is very important, it can express the elegance and exquisite dancer. It is not just a kind of movement, it also establishes a spiritual bond for the soul and body. You can be as cheerful and free as butterflies, waves, and flowing water. When you are dancing, the goddess in your body makes you more elegant, more powerful and sexy. It is a lady’s exploring her dance, an adventure to the body and the inner world.

Today I will tell you what are the dances of belly dance? Many friends have some questions about foreign dance such as belly dance. What is the effect of belly dance? How to practice is the correct belly dance What about the action? Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Which group of people are not suitable for dancing belly dance

Answer: Since belly dance is a dance movement, there are certain requirements for lung volume. And those with heart disease, hypertension, asthma patients, epilepsy, and wounds after surgery are not suitable for practicing belly dance.

2. What aspects need to be paid attention to when doing belly dance exercises

Answer: 1. Like exercise, before exerciseDo not eat too much after 1-2 hours, you can eat a small amount of things, so as not to produce dizziness in the empty stomach.

2. Be naked when practicing belly dance, and the waist and abdomen must be exposed. The benefits of doing so can see that your movement posture is incorrect.

3. There is another very important thing, that is, a belt is needed. The belt is the main feature of the belly dance, which symbolizes belly dance. The belt can also add a sense of belly dance to beginners, and it feels more sensible to practice.

3. Is there any benefit of belly dance besides the lower waist and abdomen

Answer: Because the belly dance is the main movement of the waist, Metabolism and system cycle are very helpful. For example, friends who have a child can help tighten the muscles of the waist and abdomen, and the strong muscle tissue minus the waist and abdomen.

4. How many times to do the exercise of the belly dance is better

Answer: If it is a strong purpose of weight loss, I hope to have 4 days a week to do the practice of belly dance. Essence

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