There are principles for dynamic and static combination of traditional Chinese medicine movement

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In addition to systematic theory, traditional sports health care, there are practical principles and methods, mainly:

1. Emphasize the combination of dynamic and static

It is necessary to move and static, and the movement is suitable. During the exercise, everything goes to nature, perform natural regulation, adjust the heart, calm expression, abandon the thoughts, takes into account the shape, practice inside and outside, move outside and quietly, move the monk and calm the master. In this way, the spiritual and external practice of the internal practice in the exercise process makes the inside and outside harmony, which reflects the overall thoughts of “from dynamic to quiet”, “there is movement in the static”, “static braking”, and “combining dynamic and static”.

2. Promote perseverance

People are expensive, learned and constant, do anything, and if you want to achieve results, it is impossible to achieve results. The ancients: “Frozen three feet, not a day’s cold”, this is the truth. This shows that exercising is not overnight, and it must be often without interruption. Three days of fishing and two days of drying the net will not achieve the purpose of exercise. Sports health is not only physical exercise, but also the exercise of will and perseverance. If you are busy with work, it is difficult to persist according to the original plan, squeeze out for 10 minutes a day, and perform short -term exercise in 8 minutes. If you are not able to exercise in the wild or playground for other reasons, you can do it in place, indoor, and inside in the courtyard, indoor, and corridor. Anyway, you ca n’t be happy when you are happy.

3. Moderate exercise, not excessive quantity

If exercise is reduced after exercise, dizziness, dizziness, conscious sweating, and burnout, indicating that the amount of exercise is too large, which exceeds the limit of the body tolerance. Damn the body due to overwork. Sun Siyi warned people in “Thousands of Gold”: “The way of raising sex, often wants to work hard, but we can’t do it.” So, how is the amount of exercise? It is appropriate to feel excessive fatigue after exercise; there are also people who use pulse and heartbeat frequency as an indicator of exercise. If the amount of exercise is large, the heart rate and pulse rate will be fast. For the amount of exercise of normal adults, the heart rate per minute is appropriate to increase to 140 times; the amount of exercise of the elderly is appropriate to increase to 120 times per minute.

4. Comfortable and natural, step -by -step

The exercise for health should be easy and pleasant, easy to do, fun and colorful, and people are willing to persist. That is, “exercise should be carried out under the way of natural and round planes.” This is the conclusion of American sports physiologist Mohos. In terms of fitness, fatigue and pain are unnecessary. It is necessary to gradually increase the amount of activity and gradually increase the amount of activity. The correct exercise method is that the amount of exercise is from small to large, and the movements are simple to complex. For example, running, when you first started running, you have to run slower and shorter. After a period of exercise, you will gradually increase the speed and distance of running.

5. Exercise time, due to the time system

Generally speaking, the morning exercise is better, because the morning air is fresh, and the oxygen in the room has been absorbed after a night of sleep, most of which are absorbed by people. In terms of carbon dioxide concentration, the concentration of carbon dioxide is relatively increased. To exercise in places with fresh outdoor air, you can discharge carbon dioxide accumulated in the body, suck in more oxygen, enhance the body’s metabolism, and lay the foundation for one day’s work to work well. Essence In addition, exercise can also be performed before or before going to bed before or at night to eliminate a day’s tension and easily enter the dreamland, but do not exercise too intense, so as not to cause excitement of the nervous system and affect sleep. In short, many fitness exercises can be done at any time. But a little severe exercise, do not do it before and after eating, because it is hungry before meals, the glucose content in the blood is low, and hypoglycemia is prone to hypoglycemia. It not only affects digestion, but also causes diseases such as gastrointestinal sagging and chronic gastroenteritis.

6. Due to the system of humanity

For the elderly, due to the loss of muscle strength, the nervous system has a slow response, and the coordination ability is poor. Relax and whole body movement, such as walking, Tai Chi, jogging, etc. For people with young and strong and good health, they can choose exercise projects with a large amount of exercise, such as long -distance running, basketball, and football. In addition, each person’s work nature is different, and the selected sports should also be different. For example, the salesperson, hairdressers, and chefs should stand for a long time and prone to occur in the veins of the lower limbs. Do not run more during exercise. Frequent desk workers should choose some exercise that expansion, waist extension, and head up. Because of the more eyes, they should also start a long -term activity. In short, the choice of sports must not only meet their own hobbies, but also suitable for physical conditions. For brain workers, they should participate in some activities that make them nervous, while physical workers should exercise more in professional labor in occupational labor. There are rare parts of the activity.

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