What are the benefits of anaerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise

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First, what is anaerobic exercise is relatively aerobic exercise. During the exercise, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, and accelerated metabolism requires more energy. The energy of the human body is obtained by metabolism through sugar, protein, and fat in the body. When the amount of exercise is not large, such as jogging and dancing, the supply of body energy mainly comes from the aerobic metabolism of fat. The exercise of fatty metabolism as the main supply is the aerobic exercise we say. When the movements we are engaged in are very severe, or they burst quickly, such as weightlifting, 100 -meter sprint, badminton, wrestling, etc. At this time, the body needs a lot of energy in an instant. At this time, the sugar metabolizes anaerobic metabolism to quickly generate a lot of energy. The exercise in this state is anaerobic exercise.

The biggest feature of anaerobic exercise is that the intake of oxygen during exercise is very low. Due to excessive speed and excessive explosive power, the sugar in the human body is too late to undergo oxygen disintegration and has to rely on “anaerobic energy supply”. This exercise will produce too much lactic acid in the body, causing muscle fatigue to last long. After exercise, muscle soreness and shortness of breath. In fact, a large amount of intermediate metabolic products such as*acids and lactic acid are generated during yeast, which cannot be excluded through breathing. These acidic products accumulate in cells and blood, which become “fatigue toxins”, which will make people feel fatigue and muscle soreness. It will also cause breathing, heartbeat, and arrhythmia. In severe cases, acidosis and increased liver and kidney burden will occur. Therefore, after anaerobic exercise, people will always be exhausted, and muscle pain will last for a few days to disappear. If you want to make your body stronger, you can go to the gym to participate in anaerobic exercise. However, during exercise, it is best to obey the guidance of fitness coaches and choose a training plan that suits you.

Common oxygen exercise is: sprinting, weightlifting, throwing, jumping, long jump, tug -in, push -ups, diving, muscle training (long -term muscle contraction), etc.

2. What are the benefits of anaerobic exercise

1. Improve physical immunity: After exercise, the repair of damaged muscles and the metabolic consumption of lactic acid consume fat, increase the ratio of muscle and fat ratio Increase muscle metabolism and improve physical immunity. Therefore, compared with aerobic exercise, its “fat loss” effect is not reflected in “exercise”, but reflected in the “exercise” to achieve the effect of “weight loss” even if it does not exercise.

2. The risk of disease death: anaerobic exercise can increase the speed and strength of muscle contraction, effectively reducing the risk of disease death. The latest research on science in Japan found that every 10%of human grip, the risk of diseases will be reduced by 30%. In contrast, aerobic exercise is dwarfed in this regard.

3. Aerobic exercise can effectively increase bone density and prevent or slow down osteoporosis: human bone density will gradually decrease with ageThe disadvantages are the soft waist and knees, agility, coordination, reduced physical fitness, increased aging speed, and even slight collisions and falls can easily cause fractures. Aerobic exercise can increase bone density well. Even if the face has wrinkles due to age, the body shape and physical fitness are the same as young people!

4. Aerobic exercise can well increase muscle toughness and strength: anaerobic exercise is strength training. In the case of bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament, in addition to the above -mentioned saying that the bones will become stronger and stronger, The muscle fiber and tendon will be thicker and more flexible. Whether running and jumping, raising the burden, etc. are better than their peers, and they will reduce the chance of damage than not in the same conditions! The speed of anaerobic exercise is too fast If the explosive power is too fierce, the sugar in the human body is too late to pass through oxygen decomposition, and has to rely on “anaerobic energy supply”. This exercise will produce too much lactic acid in the body, causing muscle fatigue to last long. After exercise, muscle soreness and shortness of breath. Aerobight exercise is a way to exercise muscles to make the body stronger.

5. In particular, the anaerobic movement is particularly increased by men: Why are men far greater than women in the body shape and strength? The main key is that hormones work. Aeroba will stimulate male androgen (ketone) in large numbers. For men who often engage in anaerobic exercise, physical conditions in all aspects will increase greatly compared to non -exercise or peers!

3. The difference between the difference between anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise. Some people have good aerobic exercise, but some people say that anaerobic exercise is good. So what is aerobic exercise and what is anaerobic exercise? How to choose? Let’s briefly introduce.

1. Aerobic exercise refers to the exercise of the human body under sufficient oxygen. The supply of body energy mainly comes from the aerobic metabolism of fat. Common aerobic exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. Aerobic exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also enhance lung volume and heart function.

2. If the movements we are engaged in are more severe, such as a 100 -meter sprint, push -ups, weightlifting, etc., aerobic metabolism cannot meet the energy of the body. Energy to meet the needs of physical exercise. This is anaerobic exercise.

3. The difference between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise is very helpful for choosing aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise. If you exercise for weight loss, you should undoubtedly choose aerobic exercise, otherwise everything is only futile, because anaerobic exercise does not consume fat. However, anaerobic exercise can improve the work ability of the body, shape muscle lines, and increase muscle strength. For the body beauty, it is recommended to combine aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.

4. Whether you do aerobic or anaerobic exercise, you must grasp a degree, that is, the amount of exercise, which varies from person to person.

5.It can be quickly achieved overnight. Whether it is aerobic or anaerobic exercise, it must be persistent.

Fourth, precautions for anaerobic exercise 1. Exercise should choose medium-intensity exercise, that is, maintain the heart rate at 60-70%of the highest heart rate in the exercise, (maximum heart rate u003d 220-age), strength strength), strength strength) When it is too large, energy consumption is mainly sugar, and the ability of muscle oxidation fat is low; while the load is too small, the body thermal energy consumption is insufficient, and the purpose of weight loss cannot be achieved.

2. When exercising with medium intensity, the exercise time should be long enough. Generally, each exercise should not be less than 30 minutes. During medium -intensity exercise, the body does not immediately use fat to supply energy. Because fat is released from the library and transported to the muscles for a certain period of time, it takes at least 20 minutes. The way of exercise can be determined according to your own conditions, hobbies, and interests, such as walking, jogging, Disco, Malphyphyon, swimming, etc. are suitable ways.

3. The reserves and use of fat are a dynamic balance, so it is necessary to often participate in exercise, and it must not be done once and for all. Weight loss should be carried out daily, do not interrupt.

4. Properly increase strength training. Studies have shown that as the age increases, the body’s quiet age metabolic rate (RMR) will decrease year by year at a rate of 1 to 3%, and the decrease in RMR is largely attributed to the decrease in lean weight (LBW). The decrease in the RMR level of the body is related to the lack of motion. This is the basic reason why many people start to make blessings after middle age.

After the detailed introduction above, everyone found that there were so many precautions for doing anaerobic exercise. So everyone must pay attention to it. It is necessary to understand the health of your body to be more healthy. This is also to do not have some physical discomfort during exercise or after exercise.

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