What are the benefits of studying belly dance for women to study belly dance?

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Belly dance is a very vibrant dance, and it is very eye -catching dance. It is a whole body movement that allows your legs, abdomen, shoulders, and necks to be fully moved, thereby improving the elasticity and flexibility of the body. The movement of the arm is very important, it can express the elegance and exquisite dancer. It is not just a kind of movement, it also establishes a spiritual bond for the soul and body. You can be as cheerful and free as butterflies, waves, and flowing water. When you are dancing, the goddess in your body makes you more elegant, more powerful and sexy.

It is a lady’s exploring her dance and an adventure to the body and inner world. Practicing the belly dance will bring you a lot of benefits! Hurry up and see. Those who want to lose weight can also choose to practice belly dance!

1. In the process of practicing belly dance, emphasizing self -appreciation, self -discovery:

You can find your unparalleled female charm in the practice of belly dance, enhance your confidence and temperament, and easily face your work and life.

2. Exercise PC muscle:

This should be the biggest gain. In order to better physical and life, more exercise PC muscles are very good for unmarried women, women who want baby, and women after production!

3. The action is completely designed for women: [ 123]
The biggest advantage of practicing belly dance is that the movement is completely designed for women, and the best exercise can exercise the waist, chest, hip and arms, and these are integrated into dance, so that you can make yourself in fun entertainment to make yourself yourself The body is bumpy.

4. Regulation of the body:

Frequently practicing belly dance can narrow blood circulation, massage the uterus and intestine. It has a significant effect on female dysmenorrhea and endocrine disorders. The latest research shows that the action of belly dance makes it a good movement that is good for cardiovascular function. Effectively delay aging.

The unique role of belly dance u0026 rdquo; is specifically targeted at waist, abdomen, hip and other parts. It can help you completely remove the body u0026 ldquo; Dead corner u0026 rdquo; to reshape the slim figure. There are many types of fashion slimming, but slimming in sexy and wild passion is just belly dancing! Come and practice together!

It is advisable to practice belly dance

What to do:
1. Let go of the courage, sway freely, and the extension of the movement can better exercise the body. more beautiful.

2. When dancing, wear loose and comfortable skirts or pants, barefoot or dance -specific socks.

3. Before and after the course, you must follow the coach to conduct soothing exercises to prevent muscle strain.

4. A little belly dancing with a small belly dance is beautiful.

5. The belly dancing and dancing waist chain is very important. It is best to wear it when you practice it yourself, which can enhance your confidence.

What should not be done:

1. Do not practice immediately after eating, at least one hour of rest can be carried out.

2. It is not advisable to take a bath within 1 hour after the practice, and the hot and cold stimulation is harmful to the body.

3. It is best not to perform this sport during menstruation. Too severe shaking will cause your stomach to hurt.

4. Do not try to top candlesticks easily. It is best to do it under the guidance of the coach to reduce unnecessary danger.

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