What are the summer outdoor sports, recommend four sports cool summer

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The hot cool summer arrival, such a weather nest is bored and hot, and the group travel and participating in the outdoor limit are your best choice. Do you find your own outdoor sports? Most suitable for summer outdoor sports What? Today, Xiaobian recommends some outdoor sports suitable for summer, cool in summer, and moved.

Recommended 1: Diving

See the landscape of the sea, playing enough water activities, experience the charm of diving, feel the mysterious underwater world. Surfing experience is the feeling of exciting, and diving can take you a mysterious journey. When you have a deeper seabed, you can enjoy the strange reef, beautiful corals, and a beautiful water grass, graceful biological u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip; can even play with the fish around you. In Guangdong, Zhuhai’s Dong’ao Island, Sanmen Island in Shenzhen is a good dive; and the Thousands of Lake Island in Hainan is a dive.

Recommended 2: Surfing

In the hot summer, many people like to play water on the beach. Perhaps, after the pursuit of freshness of 90, it will not satisfy the water. In fact, playing to the seaside, in addition to traveling water, you can also experience stimulating water games. For example, surfing, in recent years, it has also begun. Surf is a movement of the waves with the boom as the driving force, using its own superb skills and balanced capabilities. It is understood that the surfing can also act as a body shaping. According to enthusiasts, there are not many islands in Guangdong, which is suitable for professional surfing, but there are many choices, such as Shenzhen’s island, Taishan’s upper and lower Sichuan Island.

Recommended 3: Camping

If you want to make more intimate contact with nature, you can also follow your friends to campaign, feel u0026 ldquo; . In order to make the itinerary more, the summer camma is selected at the seaside. A leader of an outdoor club said that the camping activities of the club, most of them are leisure, and ordinary people can participate. For example, Shenzhen’s Xishi camping, participants can use activities such as travel, fishing, barbecue, and can take the beach in the evening, and the bright lights, the stars, and can play games or talk to teammates. He is recommended, Shenzhen Xi Chong, Xiaoshu, Huidong Shuangyue Bay is the best in summer camping.

Recommended 4: Tracing

The so-called river is the downstream of the canyon stream, overcoming the obstacles on the topography, and the source of the water and the mountaineering Activity. In recent years, as people’s yearning for nature is increasing, tracery activities have also begun to travel in Guangzhou. The river is a comprehensive outdoor activity that can be combined with mountaineering, rock climbing, camping, swimming, rope operation, field survival.

In the process of trace, the feelings are not only the cool water, but also a challenge.The adventure process.In the process of trace, there must be certain equipment, with certain technologies, to overcome many difficulties such as rapids, and deep pool waterfalls, and the charm is endless.

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