What can yoga operate?

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Article Catalog I. What operations can be lifted in yoga 2. The benefits of practicing yoga 3. What kind of yoga is yoga and what can operate hips. 123]
Frequent practice of this supine hip -lifting, which can tighten the hip muscles, make the hips firmer and have the effect of lifting the hips.

Action essentials: lying on the floor flat, bend your legs, your hands are naturally attached to the ground, and the shoulders are wide. The abdomen contracted, the hips were clamped, lifted up slowly, inhaled, and maintained this posture for 5 seconds. Put your hips slowly, exhale, relax, and repeat this action 30 times.

2. What does yoga operate can lift the hip -lifting tiger

The tiger -style movement in yoga can effectively reduce the hip fat, make the hips up upward, and shape the beautiful hip shape.

Action essentials: Kneel on the mat, separate legs, width with the shoulders, stretch your arms forward, hold your hands to the ground, and keep your body and the ground horizontal. Inhale, raise your right leg as much as possible, raise your chin upwards, look at the ceiling, keep your breath even, and keep it for 20 seconds. After maintaining the above posture for 20 seconds, inhale, bend your right knee, your right leg close to the front abdomen, the chin is close to the right knee, and breathe evenly. After keeping the above posture for 20 seconds, return to the initial posture, sit on the heel, lean down, let the upper body close to the abdomen, the forehead is close to the pad, and the arms are straight forward to relax the whole body.

3. What can yoga’s operation can lift the hip squat

Open your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, to your toes and knees outward, exhale your knees and squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Ninety degrees, inhalation and restoration. Pay attention to the slow movement, and the mind is concentrated in the legs and hips. Repeat 10-15 times the action, and do 3-4 groups a day.

Note: When squatting, the vertical line of the knee does not exceed the toes, and do not completely straighten the dead joint when the knee is upright. During the practice, the toes and knees always maintain the same direction, otherwise they will cause damage to the knee due to uneven stress.

4. What does yoga operate that can lift the hip lift

The body is lying down, the hands are straightened on the side of the body, exhaled to tighten the hips, raised the legs upwards, keep 10- 20 seconds, breathe naturally, then restore, deep breath. The action is repeated 3-5 times.

Note: Beginners or those who have no exercise foundation should not force their legs too high in practice.

The benefits of practicing yoga 1. Yoga can calm down and improve bad emotions. When your boss is dissatisfied with you and you can’t respond to you, you can try to practice yoga for a while. At this time, your dissatisfaction will soothe a lot.

2. Exercise yoga can enhance physical resistance and prevent risk. If you often catch a cold and fever, you can try yoga and sweat through yoga to achieve the effect of excreting toxins to enhance resistance.

3. Yoga can adjust the physical function. Practicing yoga can keep your body in a good state, making you full of energy and vitality.

4. Practicing yoga can also improve the body shape and make temperament. You can see that friends who often practice yoga are often beautiful and temperamental.

5. Yoga can also correct bad posture, improve muscle and bone condition, and even let you grow taller. If you want to do this, you have to ask a senior yoga coach to make a comprehensive assessment of himself.

What are the types of yoga 1. Astana yoga

Asona Kaga yoga is a very ancient yoga system, with a history of thousands of years, known for rigorous and scientificity. Known as “strength yoga”.

It is a beautiful dynamic exercise that combines the three of them, exercise and focus on the three, and has long -term breathing skills. Practice has a certain challenge. Continuous Asaton can quickly improve physical strength and concentration. Its sequence is fixed, and strong internal heat can be produced during the practice. It can clean the body and build a light and powerful body for the practitioners.

Generally, the physical and quality of the practitioners is very high, and the posture of the position in each level is fixed. Therefore, the practitioners are required to be healthy, patient, and more male to practice Astona Yoga.

2. Harch yoga

Hart Yoga, also known as traditional yoga, is the founder of India’s modern yoga master Swami Hivanda.

Has Husband Yoga Position Exercise contains 24 individual positions. The main exercise is how to control the body and breathing. The deeper effect is to make the body’s functions in an orderly manner, so that the soul can be tranquil and peaceful. Harch yoga is most suitable for beginners. It does not require perfectness, nor is it full of competitive training, but emphasizes the feeling of every as form.

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