What kind of exercise is the most weight loss, shaped weight loss exercise

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One, four major weight loss movements NO1, swimming

Swimming is a good way to lose weight, and it is also a good systemic exercise. It is very effective for improving cardiopulmonary function, but many people do not know much about swimming. It is used in the swimming pool to replace, which is very good for improving heart rate. However, friends who can swim also pay attention to swimming to lose weight. It is not a swimming competition. Do not pursue speed. You can meet the heart rate requirements. At the same time, you must pay attention to sufficient oxygen.

NO2, Running

Outdoor running will be restricted by the environment. It is also good to choose a treadmill. The hand to let go of the treadmill can increase the oxygen utilization rate and 5%heart rate of 5%. Of course, you must first let go of the handrail under the premise of ensuring balance, and choose a certain slope treadmill to improve the weight loss effect. Use the interval method on the treadmill to exercise, that is, you can exercise at high speed for a while to turn to a lower speed cycle exercise.

NO3, skipping rope

Spelling rope is easy to learn, the equipment is simple, a small piece of open space can exercise, it is not common aerobic exercise. In a few minutes, increasing heart rate and breathing frequency can be reduced in a short period of time. Professional boxers usually skip rope as the main content of oxygen and fat reducing before the game. At the same time, it can also exercise the coordination and sensitivity of the whole body. The weight loss technique of rope skipping weight loss method.

NO4, bicycle

Riding a bicycle is the most pleasant movement. Not only can you help you create beautiful leg lines, but if you are accustomed to riding a bike to work, this can also make you avoid traffic congestion, easily and free to go to work! What are you hesitant? Hurry up on your bicycle, Fitness to lose weight!

2. Format weight loss in Japan in recent years has been very popular with pelvic adjustment. Many inadvertent small movements in life will cause pelvis crooked, for example: Qiao Erlang’s legs, shoulder backpacks, etc. Many slim experts have found that because the pelvis is incorrect, it causes uneven or even skewed body to be unprecedented or even skewed. It will unconsciously excessive force on a certain part of the body, which will indirectly affect blood circulation and metabolism, causing problems such as poor body shape and obesity.

This set of weight loss exercises before going to bed can not only adjust the pelvis skew, but also restore the fatigue of one day, adjust and sculpt the body shape in sleep!

Action 1: Slim the waist butt lifting exercise for 2 minutes for 2 minutes

Gourd waist and hips are necessary conditions for the perfect curve. First, relax the pelvis and bone joints, adjust the skewing of the whole body, stimulate the muscles around the waist, and achieve the effect of thin waist and hips from the body.

A. Knee stand upright

Lie down faces towards the face and stand up the knee of one foot. At this moment, the body is straight. Expand your hands in the shape of both hands and leave your body!

B. Falling out of the knee

The standing knee slowly poured outwards until it touched the floor. Note that the soles of the feet should be close to the straightened leg, keep the upper body straight, and do not leave the floor on the waist.

C. Back to the original posture of the knee

The knee poured outwards slowly returned to the original position. Then straighten your legs forward. Then the same movement on the other side also performed the same movement, alternating five times.

Action 2: 1 minute of shrinking and thin thighs

The movement of the upper and lower waist can be moved to the pelvic base ribs that are rarely exercised, while strengthening the inner muscles of the thighs. It also has a certain effect on improving constipation!

A. Lie on the face facing upwards

The body stretchs straight as possible, lying down facing upwards. Open your knees as width with your waist, open your hands in an eight -shaped shape, leave your body!

B. Keep your waist for seven seconds

The shoulders and feet are close to the floor, the waist slowly upward upward upwards quite. Feeling the feeling of stretching in front of the thigh, this posture remains for seven seconds!

C. Keep the knee together for seven seconds

The waist is kept up, then the knees are together, and continue to maintain for seven seconds for seven seconds Essence At this time, the pelvis felt tightened. Then slowly relax the waist and return to the posture of A. Repeat this action 2-3 times.

Action 3: 1 minute of thin arm and breasts

The big movement of the upper body can stimulate the butterfly sleeves behind the arm and the muscles of the side abdomen. At the same time, it can stimulate the big blouse and look forward to achieve the effect of breasts. Not only can it promote blood circulation, but also eliminate the pain of the shoulders.

A. Lie your face up facing upwards

The body stretchs straight as possible, lying down facing upwards. The legs are wide open as the waist, and the fingers are pressed down. With both hands facing down, placed naturally on the side of the body!

B. Raise his arm to the ears on the side

The arms are opened with a fan -shaped, slowly approaching the ears, and it feels like it feels like The muscles in the side abdomen are pulled and stretched

C. The arms of the arms slowly put down

Pick the bow to the body in front of the body and slowly put them down. Repeat the A-C action 3 times.

3. Five steps a day to lose weight and increase each step

Walking to lose weight. It takes a step to do not take a step, and it feels like turning all your centers to the toes. You don’t need to let the muscles of the whole body move, it feels like a bouncing. When walking a lot, try to throw you up as much as possiblearm.

Second, every step of walking hard

What we call is also referring to the “vigorous walk”. Effect. “Walking” can exercise at least 50%of the muscles of the human body. Because 50%of the body’s muscles are in the lower body, the “walking” has the effect of maintaining the total muscle. It can exercise 50%of the human bones, stimulate 50%of the nerves of the human body, and massage 50%of the meridians of the human body.

Third, the time of fixed walking every day

If you walk to lose weight at 7pm every night, then you have to exercise. The best walking time should be from 3pm to 9 pm (especially diabetic patients must abide by this).

Fourth, the distance to walk every day

If you walk with the purpose of weight loss, the journey of walking daily should not be less than 3 kilometers. The situation is to adjust the walking distance. When you set your goal, you cannot change your plan casually.

Fifth, every day’s walking steps must be fixed

The speed of each walking should be as consistent as possible. It is best to go “one or two” like walking every day. It should not be less than 5 times a week, and 3-6 months is a exercise cycle.

Pay attention to replenishing body moisture before and after walking. Although the exercise is not intense, the supplementary water helps the body’s metabolism and can promote blood circulation. Can walking to lose weight? The answer is yes, but you can only lose weight when you cooperate with the above methods. Recommend everyone to try it!
4. One of the misunderstandings of exercise weight loss misunderstandings:

As long as you want To exercise more, you can achieve weight loss. Although exercise can consume the heat in the human body, it is not obvious by the effect of exercise weight loss alone. Studies have shown that even if you play a few hours a day, you only need to drink one or two more cans or eat a few pieces of western cakes. It will turn into black. Therefore, in order to obtain a long -lasting weight loss effect, in addition to engaging in exercise, reasonable control should be made from the diet.

Misunderstanding 2:

The empty stomach is harmful to health. People are always worried that the antestinal exercise will cause hypoglycemia reactions due to a large amount of glycogen stored in the body, such as dizziness, fatigue, and panic, which is not good for health. Dr. Daxipa Study in the Dallas Jianmei Sports Center believes that 1-2 hours before meal (ie, an empty stomach) exercise moderately, such as quantitative walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, etc., helping to lose weight. This is because there are no new fatty acids in the body into fat cells at this time, which is easier to consume excess brown fat, especially production capacity, and the weight loss effect is better than post -meal exercise.

AnotherIn addition, due to the appropriate amount of exercise, the heat energy consumption is less, and the body stored in the body will not affect health.

Misunderstanding 3;

Persist in jogging for 30 minutes to lose weight.Although the jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, the effect of weight loss has proved that only if the exercise duration lasts for about 40 minutes can the fat in the human body be mobilized to provide energy with the glycoga.With the extension of exercise time, the amount of fat energy supply can reach the total consumption of 855.It can be seen that the fat consumption is not obvious whether the exercise shorter than about 40 minutes.

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