What yoga thin legs are good

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Article Catalog I. What yoga lean legs are good 1. What yoga skinny legs are better legs squat 2. What yoga skinny legs are good legs and stabs 3. What yoga stove legs are good Qu Leg Sports 4. What Yoga Skin -legs Siter Single Legs 5. What Yoga Thin Leading Warriors Two, Effective Thin Lead Exercise Methods 3. Effective skin therapy recipe what Yoga thin legs are good 1. What yoga Squat legs with good stove legs stand straight and stand separately. The distance is slightly wider than the shoulders, and the tip is forward. Hold the dumbbells that are suitable for you to place your shoulders, keep your waist straight, tighten your abdomen, and look ahead. Slowly squat until the thigh is close to the parallel angle of the floor. The knee can be bent forward but cannot exceed the tip. Keep this posture for 2 seconds before returning to the standing position. 10-12 times per group, repeat two groups.

2. What yoga skinny legs are divided into legs and the right legs cross 40cm, the left leg is behind, holding 1-4 kg dumbbells, and the sang on both sides of the body, keep the waist, keep Straight, the abdomen is tightened, and it is ahead. Slowly squatting down until the knee of the hind leg touched the floor, keeping this posture for 2 seconds and returned to the starting position. After repeating 10 times, change the edge exercises.

3. What yoga skinny legs are tightly on the ground, and the right leg is lifted to the air, keeping parallel to the floor and becoming a straight line with the hips, the abdomen is tightened, the vision is ahead , Slowly bent the right leg to the back of the body, hold back to the original position after 2 seconds. Repeat 10-12 times before changing legs.

4. What yoga skinny legs are good sitting legs 4.1, sitting position, straighten your left leg, bend your right leg and put it above your left leg, hold your right hand on your right leg and knees, your left hand, your left hand, Hold on the right foot, the back is straight, the shoulders are opened back, and the head is slightly lowered.

4.2, the arms slowly straighten, press the right leg with both hands, and lower the head as low as possible.

5. What yoga stove -leanpan warriors 5.1, prone, belly on the ground, straightened legs, the heels leave the ground, the toes with force on the front leg, the elbow bent 90 degrees, the upper arm is close to the body, lift the upper arm, lift up Get up and leave the ground, keep your body on a line, and lean forward slightly.

5.2, the body’s center of gravity slowly lean forward, raise your feet to leave the ground, hold your arms to hold your body, and raise your legs as much as possible.

5.3, lower your feet to the ground, lift your back, straighten your arms, lean your body forward, lift your right foot from the floor, bend your right knee, and keep it for about 15 seconds.

5.4, lower the right foot and place it on the floor between your hands, straighten your left leg to the rear, raise your shoulders slightly, and tighten your arms.

5.5, stand straight to the body, raise your arms and straighten to the sides of the body, the palm is facing the front of the body, open the shoulders backwards, expand the arm, and stretch the legs down the hips.

Effective skinny legsMethods 1. Cracked air bicycle: This local skinny leg exercise is very effective. Do it for a few minutes in bed before going to bed at night. Lie flat, raise your feet, kick your bicycle in your feet, do 200 to 300 times a day, and separate your legs about 80 degrees after finishing the same 80 times. This method is effective for eliminating the meat at the root of the thigh!

Core tip: For many MMs, you may sit in the office or classroom for eight hours or more time in one day. The legs are getting thicker.

2. Skipping: skipping rope is a very effective aerobic exercise. In addition to the general benefits of sports, it also has many unique advantages. The skipping rope consumes 400 calories per hour. It is a bodybuilding movement, which is quite helpful for various organs, coordination, posture, and weight loss of cardiopulmonary system. It is a sport that is suitable for all ages. Skip rope at uninterrupted rope for 10 minutes, which is similar to the calorie consumption of 30 minutes in jogging. It is a low -time and high energy -consuming aerobic exercise. Long -term persistence can make your legs firm.

Core Tips: For many MMs, you may sit in the office or classroom for eight hours or more time a day, and you will slowly find that your legs are getting thicker and thicker.

Effective dietary recipes 1. Papaya snow clam soup: Cut the top of the papaya weighing about 0.7 kg for 2/5 to cover, dig out the papaya nucleus and melon cups as a cup. After the rock sugar and water are cooked together, put it in the washed snow clam cream for half an hour, add fresh milk, pour it into the papaya cup, cover it, put the solid papaya with a toothpick, and simmer for 1 hour in water.

Thin leg effects: smooth papaya, snow clams are clear, and have the effect of moisturizing and beauty. The protein in papaya breaks enzymes and melonin to help break down meat and reduce the workload of gastrointestinal and intestines, so as to achieve the effect of stovepipe.

2. Toon fried eggs: Toon leaf buds are chopped, salted, and fried with eggs. It is a common wild vegetable. The softness of the eggs is entangled with the fragrance of the toon. The eggs are rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2, vitamin A gives you a smooth and tender skin of your legs, and vitamin B2 can eliminate leg fat.

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